Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tickets to Go

One of the things that I wanted to see is a live concert. I think eversince I only saw 3 live concerts in the Philippines. Now that I am here in the US I am really hoping I can go and watch. I heard that there will be lots of concerts to be held in Seattle and Tacoma so I am hoping I can go. But honestly I really wanted to see Bruce Springsteen live in concert. He is now having his tour all over Europe and all the tickets are sold out right away. Then he is going to be back here in the US and will have his North American tour. This is also to promote his new album. The album is called Magic featuring his hit songs Radio Nowhere and Long Walk Home.

I heard this new album Magic is up for Grammy's. Not only for one entry but includes Best Rock Album, Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song. My brother is a big fan of his. He collects all his albums. I may need to get one for him. If only my brother is here he can watch him live in concert. His concert here in North America, I believe, will start in July. So for those who are big fan of the great Bruce Springsteen, you can get your seats with Bruce Springsteen Tickets from This tickets to go is very is handy. You can view which seat you are going to get if you want to watch events such as sports, concerts and theaters. So check them now and reserve your night to be on the best seat at Bruce Springsteen's concert.

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