Monday, June 30, 2008


Last weekend was the start of a very hot weather. The record high was 80's and I believe some areas reaches up to the 90's. Since it was a nice day me and hubby decided to go to the beach. We headed west to Ocean Shore. I was expecting a beach where you can waddle in the water and maybe swim but boy, the waves are big and the ocean breeze was too much for me to handle :-) If you stay away from the beach the sun is very hot but if you want to go near the breeze is too strong and it gets very cold.

At first we went near the waters but the wind is strong and it's very cold so we got back to the car and took our beach towel. I wrapped it around me and our DD. Then for a couple of minutes let her walk on the sand and submerged her feet in the water. I decided to go back to our vehicle parked nearby because she started to get cold.

Auto Transportation Worldwide

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Mommy and Daughter

While at the park on Tuesday I asked hubby to take pictures of me and our DD. Seemed like I am more excited than our DD here :-) Well, this is the first time we brought our DD at the park. I mean first time that she can actually enjoy the playground like ride the swing and walk around.

This is one of the sheds inside the playground where kids can go inside and sit down and play. I just let our DD walk around. I am holding her hands still since she cannot fully walk on her own yet. She enjoys mingling with other kids. I can see her reaction everytime she sees other kids playing around. I think we will wait until she can climb the rails, slides and other play stuff at the playground then we will have a hard time keeping up with her.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Day - For Bill Gates and Windows XP

As we all heard on the news that the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has stepped down today as President of the company. The ceremony was being held in Redmond, WA where more than 800 of its employees were being witnessed of the emotional ceremony. Mr. Gates said on his speech that he is very much ready to retire and let the young ones lead Microsoft. He will still be behind if his advice is being sought. Him and his wife will devote in their charitable works in the world especially in Africa.

Another last day is for Windows XP. It's d-day will be on Monday. I read at Yahoo news that Microsoft did not extend Windows XP in the market. So after June 30 all Windows XP cannot be found anymore in the market. From then on it will be Vista to dominate the computer operating world.

Life Insurance

Preparing for the future should be done if you don't want your love ones to experience difficulties when there are emergencies. One thing to ensure that everything is covered is through buying insurance policies, for health, dental, and even life. If you are looking for the best insurance policy, you can go to and get life insurance quotes. See how much you have to pay as well as look for insurance companies that give you more coverage at a lesser price. Protect your love ones and give them peace of mind in case there will be unexpected that will happen in your life.

Pretty Friday = TGIF

It's very pretty outside today and the weather is really fine to the highest level. The summer breeze is perfect for family outing. We did not go anywhere though we had a good lunch. Hubby grilled some chicken and I cooked sweet potato que :-) and even if its lunch time already I still made corned beef hash Filipino style :-) Hubby asked me if we can go out and watch a movie. He wanted to watch Angelina Jolie's Wanted but we don't have somebody to watch our DD. So hubby ended up going without us. He said we will bring her with us but I don't think she can behave inside the theater. Maybe next time when she's big enough we can watch movie together.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lobo = Wolf

When I was young I have a bad notion about wolf as I was watching the movie about Werewolf and the likes. I was thinking before that here in the US during midnight there are wolves that will break in the house and attack the occupants. These are thoughts I think that just came out because of the movies I saw. So the first time I was able to visit a zoo here in the US I asked hubby to check if there are wolves at the zoo. The first time I saw one is at Point Defiance zoo and then the picture above which hubby took at Northwest Trek.

Photo Nose

I have the character sometime that I will procrastinate transferring the pictures that I took from my camera to the computer. I always wait and wait. I even had the experience that I thought I already transferred the photos and then I deleted it but found out later that I did not. It is really very frustrating. Good thing, this incident will not happen anymore through the help of Photo Nose a Photo Image Recovery Software. This software will recover your lost or even damaged digital photographs. I just heard of this software and I am glad that this can help us recover the images that we thought we lost already.

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Kautz Creek

We were going to Kautz Creek when I took this picture. This creek is known to have been changed its course as time passed by. Before it was a big stream and now you can barely see the water running. You see a lot of debris that maybe came from the melting glaciers on top of the mountain. I look at the background as eerie but very dramatic view.

Me and our DD had a picture with the creek as the background. The creek is way down below and you can see the big boulders of rocks that lined along the sides. At the very far up is the glimpse of the snowcapped mountain.


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Snowcapped Mountains

The picture above was taken while we were driving up Mt. Rainier. This is one of the viewpoint that climbers or visitors can pull over and take picture of this majestic mountain view. While we were driving up I was really thrilled looking at the view and it's very awesome.

While driving up I can't resist to take another snap of the different view of the snowcapped mountains surrounding Mt. Rainier. This looks like the mountain is on the side of the road but in reality there is a very steep sides of the road we are driving through. I feel I am going to throw up when I look down.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Health Insurance for Work at Home Moms

Health insurance is really important. When I was in the Philippines I did not think about it that much until I came here in the US. Health insurance here is very important to protect ourselves as well as our family. There are lots of health insurance in the market but most of them are very expensive. If you are self employed it is hard to find a health insurance that is affordable. Good thing there is Coventry Health Care that sells insurance plans. They have plans good for the part-time employees, students, singles, families and for self-employed. So for all the work at home Moms you can check out Coventry health insurance. You can log on to®. You can select your state in their website, like if you live in Georgia you will be directed to Coventry Healthcare Georgia. So protect yourself and your family get Coventry health insurance now.

World Class Profession Tag

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Team Worx

For the success of every business or company team work is very important. Most companies that do not integrate team work and team building will have a hard time of coming up with an effective solution to manage its workforce. For those businesses or companies that need to improve their performances might need a corporate team building activity. There is one company that develops this type of program for businesses that needs it. This is the TeamWorx. They are the company that has the integrity in helping your business in developing a program that will fit for your company's team building effort. If you are interested in giving your business a boost you can check them out at

Blessie's Finds

I don't know what got into me but I am again making another blog. Although this is my second domain blog but this is my 5th blog I would say. Yes, 5th blog and I don't know if I will be able to maintain it but I hope I can. I like this blog because it is very girly with it's pink color and but of course this blog is intended for my finds being a Mommy and a woman. If you like to visit my new project you can click the picture below and just leave a comment or message on my cbox if you want to be linked. Thank you and see you there :-)

Truck Rentals

Since I came here in the US I already experienced moving two times. Although I love the idea of being in another place again but the sad part is leaving your friends and relatives behind. On our first time to move we did not let the army move all our stuff. We retain some things that we brought with us. The thing with the truck we rented when we moved before was the inconsistency of the rental company. We pay more than what we thought. If only I know about beforehand I would tell my husband to use them for our moving truck rental. The good thing with them is you can get a free quote first and you will be able to save money because they have lower price than their competitor. Once you use their services and reserve online you will get 10% off of your fee. Whenever we will move again I will definitely use the services of Moving Orbit.

Gaining Weight and Diabetes

I am concerned about my weight right now because I noticed that I am gaining weight. I am trying to maintain my weight at 95lbs. When hubby left for Iraq I was already in 94lbs. When I weigh myself yesterday I gained 2lbs and I noticed my tummy is getting bigger and I don't like it. I need to do some exercising now to tone down my stomach muscle and prevent it from getting big. I also have to stop eating high caloric food instead eat more veggies and fruits as well as not to eat late in the eveing :-) I heard on the news that with gaining weight there is also the danger of developing diabetes. I don't want it to happen to me. So if I can prevent it I have to make a move now.

New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA

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I just love this photo that I took while we were on our way to wait for the tram tour. This lake was the place where ducks, geese, swans, deers and other wildlife animals can be found inside the Northwest Trek. The scenic view is so serene you can really contemplate about life and nature. I wish I have a nice camera to take a good shot of the view. This depicts how beautiful is God's creation.

Your Source for Glass Tiles

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Slug Fest

When we went to Northwest Trek there was a Slug Fest. The culmination was a slug competition. It was very funny because the ones who joins the competition were kids or adults. They were wrapped in a slug costume and they have to compete to crawl forward in a watery/slimy area using only their body.

There was also a Slug University were you have to attend either a bachelor's, masteral or doctorate degree. At the end of the day those who attended a session at SU will attend the graduation. It was really fun and everybody enjoyed it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disaster Cleanup

Have you experienced being a victim of flood or having molds in your walls and floors? This is very hard to clean up by ourselves especially if the damage is severe. What is better way to do is to hire a professional that are expert in cleaning up. A restoration company, Water Restoration 911 at, can help you with this type of disasters. They are in service for more than 12 years already. Their expertise offers water restoration, fire and smoke restoration as well as mold and sewage remediation. They are of service 24/7 and can be in your place in 30 minutes mostly in areas within the contiguous US states. Hire them now if you have these types of problems in your household.

My Chicken Stir Fry

Since I wanted to give our DD food that we also eat, I am trying to cook as much as possible. Although it is not really one of my favorite thing to do but I have to do it and experiment in the kitchen to give our family nutritious food.

I usually cook or stir fry chicken or beef with veggies. I used pre cut veggies if I don't like chopping or peeling veggies for my recipe. This picture was taken the other day when I cooked my version of chicken stir fry. Or DD loved the broccoli and carrots.

For my ingredients: chicken strips, broccoli, carrots, celery, red bell pepper, onion, stir fry sauce and salt and pepper to taste.

I sauteed first the chicken strips until it is cooked. I set it aside. I stir fry my veggies. I used a little bit of EVOO then put in my veggies one kind at a time. After a few min I mixed in the chicken and mix the sauce. The veggies are still crisp and the chicken is already cooked so after mixing the sauce I just let it simmer for a couple of minutes and it is then ready to serve.

Baby Phat

One of the very in demand fashion apparel nowadays is the Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons. All her designs are very in for young ladies who love trendy, sexy, hip, sassy and sexy line of clothing. Even my step daughters love this brand and always ask us to buy them from this clothing line during Christmas and school starts. When celebrities and fashion icons started wearing the said brand it became an urban fashion phenomenon. They not only have tees or clothes but all types of apparel as well as a sports collection line. If you want to be updated of what's new with Baby Phat you can visit

The Boat is Sinking

I just read on Yahoo news that a Philippine passenger ferry sank during the typhoon with more than 700 passengers on board. The ferry is the MV Princess of Stars owned by the Sulpicio Lines. According to the news it sank down 3 km from Sibuyan Island. The passenger ferry is en route from Manila to Cebu. I hope that there will be a lot of survivors. I remember before an incident like this happened where a good friend of ours was a victim, missing and were not ever found. I pray that the family of the missing passengers will hold and be strong. Read more of the story here.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Personal Care

Personal care is very important to maintain good hygiene and healthy body. I remember how my parents are imposing for cleanliness all the time. When I was young I really don't understand it but as I get older I realized the importance of it. Now that I have a child it became more important that I religiously and diligently follows routine in personal care everyday. I am glad that my husband is also the type of person that is particular with it. He is not too vain but he ensures cleanliness as well in everything. He has more personal care items than me I guess :-) He has these Rubis personal grooming kits that he always uses and cannot live without.

Summer is Here

Yesterday was the start of the summer season and we have a wonderful weather. It was around 80 degree in temperature and a lot enjoyed the nice weather. We went out yesterday and I told hubby to go to a park but when we got to the park there were many people already. We didn't stay long and headed to Babies r us to get a crib rail guard for our DD's crib. I am wishing that the weather will remain fair throughout the season but I know it will not be that way. Today the forecast is fair and hopefully it will not be muggy because we are planning to hit the outdoors again. To all who loves to go out, to parks, beaches and go boating and fishing, make sure to apply skin protection to prevent sun burn.

Visiting Seville, Spain

My husband's aunt and uncle had a trip to Spain and they said it is one of the many countries that you would love to visit. Spain has a lot to offer, the rich culture, the marvelous scenic spots, the warm people and the good food. I have been inspired to check out beautiful places online and Spain is really in my wish list that I hope to visit one day. I like to visit its capital Madrid as well the favorite capital of Andalusia and Sevilla, Seville, Spain. As what I have known, Seville is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of the south of Spain and it ranks as the 4th largest metropolitan area of Spain. Its rich cultural heritage can be traced back around more than two hundreds year ago.

Planning of visiting Seville, Spain is not really hard. There are many Seville Hotels that you can arrange for your accommodation. If you are thinking of visiting Seville soon you can avail of Cheap Hotel bookings at They have the lowest price guaranteed with a lot of special offers that you can avail of. They also give you the summary of the hotels around Seville for your more information. Don't go anywhere, just check out Destinia and book your Seville hotels there and get the best price ever.
anything about.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Teen Pregnancy

Have you heard about the news of an increasing teen pregnancy in one high school in Gloucester, Massachusetts? According to the news about 17 teens under 17 years old were being known to be pregnant and there was suspicion of a pregnancy pact among them. What do you think about it? What could be the reason if it is true that these teens made a pact to get pregnant and raise a child together? Some opinion says that celebrity pregnancy is among the factors that these teens are trying to emulate or what not. I hope parents should be more vigilant about their daughters because it is not an easy thing to just get pregnant and raising a child is very expensive. Something should be done too to increase awareness of the consequences of teen pregnancy.

TED Stockings at DHP

If you have love ones that is not ambulatory or living in care homes, or is suffering from DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis the doctor would probably prescribe a TED hose or what you call a T.E.D.® Stockings. This stocking is an anti-embolism stocking that is proven to prevent DVT. Patients that are not mobile or those that are hospitalized for longer period of time has the great chance to develop this so it is best to give them protection. TED has different sizes and you should know what size you need so that the efficacy of its compression is just right. You can get TED stockings at They have free shipping if you live in the contiguous state of the USA.

What Cause Climate Change?

Now that we are experiencing an erratic weather change we can reflect if this is the effect of global warming already. Here in North America we are experiencing all types of natural phenomenon in one season. There is heat wave, raining, and flooding. According to experts we can't blame mother nature of what is happening nowadays but blame it to humans who are causing such changes in our climate. The daily consumption of energy is too high that the waste products of it is also high causing our planet to get warm. Is there any way we can do? Yeah there is. We need to start changing our lifestyle now and help as little as we could to save our environment. Let us be aware and do action now.

Credit Card Guide

Do you receive a lot of credit card offers in the mail everyday? We do and it is really very annoying that these Credit Cards company were able to go through a lot of your information and sending us application forms that says we are pre-selected or pre-qualified to receive the offers. I don't reply to those and it just go to the shredder immediately. We applied for credit cards but we use other means of knowing which credit card is good to have. The service of Extra Credit Cards is one of the best ways for consumers to look for credit cards online.

Extra Credit Cards is one of the leading consumer guides to online credit card offers. So if you are looking for one you can check them out. They have the best credit card offers for personal use or even business use Credit Cards. They also have offers for those who have bad credit through their bad credit credit card offers. If you log on to their site you can click on their credit card deals and see what are the deals that you want. Their site also gives a lot of information about different type of credit cards, its reviews and what credit cards have the best interest and perks. Visit them first before you apply for your next credit card.

Obama Dress

This is the dress that the wife of the Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, wore when she appeared on the talk show 'The View'. The black and white frock became a frenzy in the fashion industry. It only cost $148 of brand White House Black Market. It was purchased off-rack. The dress' designer appeared on Today show and she said she was off-guard too when she saw that Mrs. Obama was wearing it. A lot of women are asking about the dress and it requests for the leaf-print dress skyrocketed. The designer said that they are trying to make more of it and maybe released soon. She was happy though that Michelle Obama picked a dress from them to be worn in her appearance on tv. The news also said that it softens the harsh image of Michelle Obama and it is a plus factor for Obama's campaign. Seemed like to me another fashion icon was borne out of her now :-)

An RV for the Family

Me and hubby were talking about having an RV one day. When we are driving we can see a lot of RVs on the road as well as we can see RV parks or motorhomes. Last night we were online browsing through, checking out New RVs, Used RVs, New Motorhomes, and Used Motorhomes and we saw at that they have lots of RV inventories. Right now they have super sales of up to 40% off of their RVs. So if you are planning to buy an RV for your family's summer fun, you can check them out. If you have an RV that you want to sell you can also go their site.


It is very sad to hear about those that are affected by flooding in the mid west especially in Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa states. I can't imagine undergoing such calamity. I hope the weather will get better and the water will subside to prevent some more destruction. I once experience traveling through a flooded city back in the Philippines before and I could see houses where only the roof can be seen because the water kept rising. I got so scared because I was in a bus and we are cruising through a flooded highway. Now I saw on the news about the rising water level in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I can't help thinking what if the water rises some more. I hope this will not get worst.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Softball Game

We woke up early today to go for two appointments. One is for our DD's doctor's appointment. I need to see a Nutritionist to establish our DD's diet and also consult for food that I need to give to her. We were at the clinic for an hour and then headed to the softball field because hubby's Brigade has a friendly game. The game was between Non-Commissioned Officers versus Officers and then the rank E5-below versus the Officers. The Officers won the game. It was a fun day although it got very warm near noon time. We got home passed 1PM and I got so tired I feel like hitting to bed but I need to finish some task online first.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zoo Animals

When we went to the zoo last Saturday I think I was more excited seeing all the zoo animals than our DD. She is still very oblivious of the things around her. Although she got excited when we were at the kids playground seeing all the little kids playing around. Anyways, I took some pictures of the zoo animals that we saw there.

Acne Treatment

I was talking to my friend and she told me that she needs to go to a dermatologist because she have facial breakout. She was really trying to choose from among the different acne treatments there is in the market that will work for her but she can't find the one that will treat her skin breakouts. I myself will also schedule an appointment myself because I have tiny bumps in my face and I don't know what it is. Hopefully next week I can call a dermatologist that I can go with.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gay Marriage

How do you find about the new law in California about gay marriage? In my opinion I am happy with it and I believe it is about time that they are given equal opportunity to freely express what they want to make of their relationship. I admired the oldest couple to be married. The other lady is 84 years old and they have been together for 55 years. I admired their strong relationship and I think now it paid off. I hope a lot of people will be more open minded about it and others should not take advantage of this new law.

Our Sunday Celebration

We had a great Sunday Father's day celebration. We decided to go to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. The place was packed. We arrived there late afternoon because our purpose is to have an early dinner at the sea side restaurant. The place was real full so we decided to get in the zoo and aquarium. It was our DD's first time to roam around the park and recreation area. We were glad she wasn't cranky. She was really behave an seemed to enjoy sightseeing.

I took this picture when we are about to live the area.

We had a good time all in all. We plan of having a picnic and stroll at the park some other time when the weather permits. We can even stay the beach side and do our picnic there. It is a good place for family outing and such. I need to plan our outing soon.

We ended our day having dinner at Super Buffet, a Chinese all you can eat restaurant. Even the place was also packed and we waited in line. The restaurant is big but it was full. I like going there because of the wide food selection. I love to take my plate a picture but I got shy since there were too many people :-) Although hubby took a picture of me while I was putting food in my mouth and he caught me off guard.

My plate is full and I just noticed I used left and right :-)

New York Vacation

One of the best vacations I have been too was in New York. There are just too many things to do in New York. This is why I told my husband we need to go back there some other time because I forgot to check out the Metropolitan museum of art and other attractions. My brother in law also has been asking my husband when we can go back there to visit them. We are looking at maybe this coming Thanksgiving Day we can squeeze in time to go back to New York again. They haven't seen our daughter yet so this will be a good chance to for a reunion.

There are lots of online travel information that I have been to but hopefully we can book at Trusted Tours and Attractions, one of the best online travel guides, very soon for a New York vacation package. They have wide selection of packages that is why I like going through them. They feature lots of attractions from different cities that are worth visiting and highlighted the best things to do in that particular city. If you like you can check them out and even sign up for their newsletter to win a GPS. Visit Trusted Tours and Attractions and plan for your next grand vacation.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pre-Father'sDay Cookout

I mentioned in my previous posts that hubby got a small grill and so we had a pre-father's day cookout. This was on Saturday. We were thinking of going out to eat but decided to just stay home.

Here's the steak and the chicken wings that we grilled. It tasted real good. We had fun even if there's just the two of us pigging out.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Duty

We are planning to go to church today and then go someplace to eat lunch to celebrate Father's day. Unfortunately early morning hubby's First Sgt called him that he needs to get one of his soldiers to do a CQ duty today. He went out around 9am. I hope he will be able to get here soon before the day ends.

To all the Daddy out there HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Web Hosting Guide

To be able to find a good web hosting service you need to have a guide on how to select the right one. You can check out because they have web hosting articles that is very beneficial for us site owners. They have a lot of very informative articles that will allow users to determine which web hosting to choose. They also give ratings to all web hosts from its cost to its featured services; what is reliable and what is not. They also guide users the specifications when applying for one and also tutorials. So if you need assistance in finding the right web hosting for you, check now.

Fire Danger

I know if you own a Ford car you may have received their letter about a recall on a cruise control that according to them needs to be replaced because it pose a possible danger of fire. Just now I saw on the news in one of the city here in WA that a 2005 Chevrolet van that was parked in the driveway exploded in the middle of the night. It almost burnt the house of the owner as well. There was no trace of an arson and what they suspected is that it might be the engine that caught fire. The question is, the owner did not use the van for 2 days and it just sits in the driveway and still it exploded. I believe it could happen since the letter from Ford said that if that part of the cruise control will not be changed it can catch fire even if it is parked. Hubby's truck still needs to be brought to Ford service center for that.

PS3 for Father's Day

I was thinking of giving our Daddy a PS3 as father's day gift. His old playstation needs to be replaced before its game cartridge will be phased out. I ask him what I should give him but he always said no don't bother. Honestly he is very hard to find gifts for. I think this will make him happy so he can relax and play at home whenever he wants to. So what are you giving your husband or father for father's day?

Household Chores

Household chores is never ending and needs to be done every single day, right Mommies? From morning til night time we have chores to do at home. If you have more kids the more you have things to do. Now that we only have one kid seem like I can't keep up with all the things that I need to do how much more if we have another one. This is why I am saluting to Moms that were able to juggle everything. I think I need more time management and prioritizing when it comes to my household chores.


When my husband went to Iraq he asked me to buy him an MP3 player so that he can listen to music. He loves music a lot and likes to collect good songs. He has a lot of collections from old songs to new ones. I really think that this new gadget, the MP3 players now is very handy. He can also listen to it while he is running or working out. He said he was glad he has it because every night he listens songs through the whole time he was in Iraq.

Nice Weather and Good Food

We have a great weather today. Very sunny and cool outside. Our Daddy got his father's day gift, a small grill for now :-) We are having b-b-q outside. I marinated chicken wings and he also bought steak to grill. I also let him put the asparagus in the grill to go with the meat. We will have a good dinner today I can't taste it now :-)

Diet Pills

If you want to use diet pills to reduce and get rid of the extra wight you have make sure to use one that really works. There too many diet pills in the market and make sure to know what are the effects of these pills on you. I have read at that there are diet pills that needs prescription and others do not. They have review of all the diet pills you can find. Just like this Phentermine without prescription was being reviewed and shows that it is #35 among the diet pills. If you want to check the diet pill you are using, go to now.

Bath and Body Works Sale

Friday we went to the capital mall and while we were on our way there I saw my friend M crossing the streets from their apartment going to the mall. She was with her hubby and kids. She did not see me but I told hubby that it was her. I wish I was able to say hi to her but I didn't know where in the mall they are. Anyways while in the mall I saw that Bath and Body Works has a big sale and I bought this anti bacterial collection which is 5 for $15, I also got a Bigelow lip shiner/lip balm and shower gels. I think they still have the big sale going on even online. I may have to go back there and bought some lotions and spray for my folks back in Philippines.

Eye Problem

When I woke up this morning I feel that my eyes is burning. I was thinking of the worst like what if I will get blind :-) I know I over reacted but really we need to take care of our eyes. I was telling my husband that I need to see an Optometrist maybe I will need prescription eyeglasses. I don't want to go there when it is already worst. Next week I will try to get an appointment to see one so I will know if I have to wear eyeglasses or just rest my eyes away from computer or stop reading too much. I hope it will just be okay.

To Buy or Not to Buy

Yesterday we passed by at the PX because hubby was thinking of getting a grill. We were looking at the displays and he was still thinking if he get it or not. He keep asking me so I told him that we have to go home and sleep on it. The next morning he said he will have to get a grill today. I told him to go to Walmart instead and see what he can find there. I also told him to get a small one because we don't have space in the apartment to store it. I am glad he followed my suggestion and got a small grill for us :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

UK Poker at Blackpool CLub

If you are looking for the best entertainment online you can check out Blackpool Club. They have great range of games that you can choose from. There is uk poker, uk bingo and other uk casino games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker and many more. They are very trusted in UK gaming industry. So if you want to have fun at the comfort of your home check them out now at

Reporter Abducted in Philippines

I just learned on the news from Philippines that the veteran newscaster Ces Drilon of ABS-CBN news and current affairs was abducted in Mindanao by the Abusayaff Group. She was abducted along with her camera man and assistant camera man as well as the professor from MSU who was with them. The assistant camera man was already released but the rest including Drilon is still in capture. Although the negotiators said that they are all in good condition but has to endure the over all condition in the forest. I admire Ces Drilon being a journalist. I pray and hope that their abductors will free them without any harm.

Colon Cleansing

Having a clean colon is very important because it is responsible for absorption of nutrients to our body. If it is not clean there is a possibility that toxins will be absorbed to our system and will create or trigger diseases makes us unhealthful. There is a herbal colon cleanser in the market today that is good to use. This is the Dual-Action Cleanse. This colon cleanse formula is made to eliminate wastes and toxins out of the body. The effect would be a more energized body, trim and light appearance, good skin and hair and less bloating due to gas. The natural ingredients of Dual Action Cleanse are good for the body because it is natural and no harmful ingredients. A lot of testimonies from those who use it that it really changes their lives and improved their disposition because they are always energized and feel healthy all the time. If you want to know more about this colon cleanser you can check out


(Photo grabbed at Yahoo)

Have you heard about the news of a deer that has one horn at the center of its head at the park in Italy? This deer is being unicorn referring to the mythical animal unicorn. A lot of people say its amazing that there is such a real one you can see not just in myth stories. According to their research this deer has some genetic flaw because the twin deer has a normal horns. This sweet deer really capture the attention of a lot of people though because of its difference.

Solution to Acne Problems

Do you have problem of skin break outs or facial acne and the likes? You can now erase the worry as well as erase the blemishes by using proactiv solution. A friend of mine told me that she uses this dermatologist tested acne treatment and the result is very great. I am thinking of getting it for myself because after I gave birth I have a little bit of skin breakouts and I want to prevent it before it gets worst. This proactiv solution is very simple to apply and is proven to give your skin the glow that it needs. So if you want to treat your acne problem try it for yourself. Visit this also to learn more about acne and get more information on how to deal with it.


I am very glad that we have humidifier again. Hubby finally got one after procrastinatung of replacing our old one. The one we have before gave us a hard time of looking for its filter replacement. The only place we can get one is through ordering online. So hubby bought the vicks cool mist humidifier and I like the smell of the eucalyptus and mint when I go to sleep. Our DD who has stuffy nose can sleep good now because of it.

Building a House

My sister in the Philippines is now on the process of building their own home. I believe it is almost done. I know you can't really compare it but if I only we are the Philippines it will be very easy for us to make our own home too. I told my parents that we are looking for property here and there are so much to do and needed in order to really own one. My Mom said if I am there I can just build a house near my parents house since my two sisters built their own house there too and my other sis will soon follow. Maybe one day I will be able to own a property there as well.

Engagement Rings

Diamonds are girls best friend as what they say. I think whoever would received diamond rings will be very happy. I myself when hubby gave me a diamond engagement ring I was overjoyed. I was browsing for jewelries online and I saw They are the prime seller of loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and other jewelries you can name for. Their website is very nice and when you buy a piece of jewelry you will be able to view it in 3D. I love looking at the different jewelries because I can see it very clearly. Check them out and see their wide selection of diamond jewelries.


Yesterday we went malling and as usual I ended up buying stuff for our little girl. As I have said it was my first time back to the mall after hubby got back from deployment. This afternoon we were supposed to go to the Commissary for grocery shopping but since it was already around 7pm when we went out I told hubby not to go there anymore because I don't want to be in a hurry doing my grocery shopping. The Commissary will close at 9pm and I don't like to hurry. So we drove to another mall instead. There's not much people in the mall. I think it's because it was about to close also. I hope tomorrow hubby will not bring me to another mall again :-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Villa Rentals at St. John

Having to escape from the chaos of touristy areas surely is a fulfilling vacation. One place that will give you the relaxation that you are looking for is going to one of the US Virgin Islands place, St. John. This is the place if you want to go for a getaway that is far away from the busy areas where tourist mostly gathers. There are St. John villa rentals that you can book for and enjoy the luxury living away from home. A lot of vacationers attested that one of Caribbean's great place is St. John. The shoreline villas and residences give you the hideaway that you needed for a quiet and leisurely life for the time being. Visit and check out the villa rentals at St. John and plan for your next getaway.

Lunch Date

My husband called me around lunch time asking me if it is okay with me he will go to lunch with his friend who is here in WA training on post. His friend is in military also but came from other post in another state. I told him why he ask me if it is okay. My husband said that he just want to make sure that I am not preparing lunch for him. I told my husband that I don't mind and it's okay with me. What I really like with him is that he always ask my permission on anything especially if it concerns with my feelings. I always tell him that I don't mind him going out with friends because he needs some time for himself as well. It's a good thing though that he ask me and he don't make me feel like a wall flower.

Medical Insurance

Everytime I go for my medical appointment they will ask me if I have another medical insurance aside from the insurance from my husband's job. Since we don't have, so I will tell them no. I asked my husband why is that so. He said that there are other people who also get supplemental insurance aside from what the military has. I am thinking that I guess I really need to think about getting another medical insurance that will ensure coverage of any health problems that will occur later on. I just want to be prepared at all times because nowadays you can't be certain of what will happen.


When hubby left for work early this morning I tried to go back to sleep. I think I fell asleep almost 7am. Then around 10:40am our DD woke up. Since she is already up I have to be up as well since nobody will watch her. I was trying to do all my opp that will be due today but I just can't find time to sit in front of the computer. I will feel sleepy and she will be bothering me. She really wants an undivided attention. I just made myself busy then by doing the house chores, playing and feeding her. When she went for her nap I also fell asleep so now I need to try to be awake and finish my tasks or else it will be expired.

Stylish Web Design

One thing that attracts me most when I hop from one blog to another is a stylish design blog. I found a lot of blogs that I really like their design. I was thinking how can I make my own blog design. I don't have the talent as well as the knowledge on web designing. I have been trying to check out information about how to do it and there are lots of web sites or blogs that I found that gives interesting methods on having your own custom web design. One of these blogs is the Stylish Weblog at

This is a web design blog that is very informative and have directory of good articles. If you want to learn more about web designing they have lots of entries that tackle on this aspect. Not only that, they also blog about lifestyle, health, programming, finance and technology. The topics they tackle are all interesting and educational as well. They have unique topics also that you haven't heard from any others and they have it in their post entries. So if you want to be informed on anything that concerns about designing, health, lifestyle, money and technology, check Stylish Weblog. You can click on their archives and see all the articles they have and be informed.


Just when I am about to hit the sack the sun came out. Hubby is now getting ready to go to work. I lay in bed but after a few minutes I am still awake because I can see the light coming through our window. The blinds are not doing a good job in darkening the room. I really need to do something. A thick drapes is what I have in mind to install. Hubby can't really sleep when there is light in the room and so is me. It has been a long time plan to put the curtain on but I always procrastinate. Since sunrise this time is 4:30am and sunset is 9:00pm I really have to do it before we all have lack of sleep :-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forbes Top 10 Celebrity

This year's Forbes top 10 celebrity who topped as the most famous and top earners are the following:

Oprah Winfrey
Tiger Woods
Angelina Jolie
Beyonce Knowles
David Beckham
Johnny Depp
The Police
J.K. Rowling
Brad Pitt

Oprah Winfrey topped as the number one even if her magazine and television ratings weakens. She got a total earnings of $275Million. She is the the number one for two consecutive years already.

Online Gaming

While we were at the mall this afternoon my husband's friend called him and I heard they were talking about playing Backgammon Online. I heard my husband's reply that he haven't tried it but he knew about it already. I asked him after he hung up on his friend what they are talking about. He told me that his friend asked him if he is interested to play Online backgammon because he know a lot of sites that he can recommend to him. Even before he went to Iraq when he and his friends met up they talked about online gaming and how one can really enjoy playing online. Even my co-worker invited me and hubby before to go to their house and we can all play Backgammon together online. I did not know at first that there is such a thing online but yes there is. This is another form of entertaining that will not require you to go out and drive. Now I know there are many online gaming that are scams that is why I told my husband if he is planning to join his friend and play or gamble online, they should make sure that they go to sites that is reputable and operates legally. I don't want them to gamble and lost their money to scamming sites which I know are a lot in the internet.

Out and About

Today was the first time I went back to the mall after 5 months. Yes that long. When hubby was away I really don't like going out too much. I don't like driving too far and I don't feel comfortable going out without hubby. Usually if I need something at the mall, I just go online and get what I like to buy from a certain store. It does help us to curtail our gas expense as well my time of going out too much. Now that our Daddy is here he likes to go out so we are going out all the time as well. I am reminding him though that the gas price is high so he needs to cut back on it.

Wood Blinds

We went house hunting the other day and we found one house that we are picturing of living in. I was talking to hubby that the kitchen windows are very bare if we live there I want to install real wood blinds on it. It would surely soften the look of the kitchen. Mu husband agreed. I was checking online and the best way to buy premium wood blinds is through They have the wide selection of real wood blinds that would really look good in any homes or even business offices. It will give a nice decor to any room as well. So if you are thinking of replacing your blinds, check out wood blinds at Just Blinds. They offer free samples and free quotes. If you are decided, they also offer bill me later for any order that you will make. Check them out and give your home the punch that it needs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smart Picks: Bertolli Dinners

There are times that I don't feel like cooking and I want something different, I will just open up a pouch of Bertolli frozen dinners. I like this new innovation that you can still get a resto quality dinner in your home. It comes in different pasta dinners and the sauces is really good. This microwaveable dinner can be cooked only in 90 seconds. So if you are in a hurry or don't like cooking, you can try it.


I am really fed up with our keyboard. There are keys that won't work any more. Like the tab, I have to press it twice before it works. If I am typing fast all the words will just connect and no space in between. I know it needs cleaning so I cleaned it but still it is not doing good. Last night hubby asked me if I want to get a new one but I told him to wait because we need to replace the monitor and the web cam as well. I want to get it together so we can get a matchy-matchy one :-) Hopefully this weekend we can check out Best Buy or Circuit City and see what deals they have then maybe we can get it from those stores, whichever has the lowest price or has good deals of course :-) - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange (1:10)

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Cheapest Gas

All over the US the gas prices is soaring high but there is one state wherein you can still buy gas below $4. This is in Missouri where the gas is still $3.82. They are known now as the country's cheapest gas seller. Accordingly their lowest price is being attributed to its geographical location. Even though they don't have refineries but all the pipelines criss-crossed through the state and they are near Texas, Oklahoma and the Gulf coast states. I wish I can still find one like it here in our area. The cheapest one we can get is around $4.20. Sigh! This is not really good at all.

Crazy Weather

We are almost to mid June and do you know that it is still snowing at the passes here in northwest? How crazy is that? We are experiencing cold weather here too when the east coast is having a heat wave. I don't know what causes all these bizarre weather pattern. I am hoping this weekend we can get a good chance of weather because hubby will be having a four day weekend. We have plans to drive somewhere and see places. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and give us a break to enjoy the outdoors.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Have you heard about the Salmonella outbreak spreading through tomatoes? There are 16 states that are already affected by this outbreak. Major food chains as well as supermarkets are pulling out tomatoes in their menu as well as on their shelves in fear of this contamination. I have to throw away the tomatoes that I bought the other day. Here in WA there was a case reported about a kid died because of it. So be aware if you're state is also affected by it.

Weekend Movie

This weekend me and hubby were watching movies at home and we saw 3 movies total. The Brave One, Dragon Wars and One Night with the King. All of them are really good. I did not hear these movies before or maybe I just missed it when it was released in theaters. I can say that all movies really has a good story.

The Brave One - starring Jodie Foster, is a thriller, fast paced suspense movie. It is like a vigilante movie, a common person did justice in her own hands. Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) is a popular radio host in New York. She saw how her fiance die and nearly lost her own life as a result to a vicious, random attack at the park. Now she discovers a stranger within herself, an armed wanderer in the urban night, out of vengeance and at war with her own soul.

It was really a good movie I would say and it has an unexpected finale. In total it is very entertaining.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Healthful Picks

(Photo Grabbed)

I am thinking what I can put in my cereals to make variations in my morning staples. I learned about mixing fresh berries into my cereals when I am having it in the morning. Right now berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are now in season. You can mix these fruits to your cereals and it is good for the heart. I also read at Reader's Digest that a cup of berries a day can lower blood pressure and increases good cholesterol after 8 weeks of consuming it.

Entertainment Event Planner

There are people I know that prefers to hire an even planner in planning a special event than doing it by themselves. According to them, it is not that they are lazy to plan it but they wanted to make the event more memorable and fabulous. I agree to it. Actually there are lots of event planners available if you want to hire one. Just like the Innovative Entertainment. It is the leading Event Planning and Event Management Company that you can hire if you want a specialist to plan and manage a wedding, graduation parties, company events and the likes. Their services include corporate event planning, entertainment production, special event and trade show promotion. They have access and contacts with a lot of entertainers or performers that will grace for any special event you want to host. If you like comedy entertainment they can hook you up with the likes of Finis Henderson to grace your event. So if you are planning of having a successful event check out Innovative Entertainment and see what they can offer for you and your company.

Together Again

Our first picture together during their arrival. I looked so tired and harassed here already because we have been waiting for 4 hours inside the Soldiers Field House. Nevertheless, we are very happy that we are together again. My mind is at peace now knowing that everyday we can see our Daddy.

Pontiac Dealership in Columbus, OH

The first car that I was able to drive was a Pontiac. It was my husband's car when I first met him. I like it and it's very sporty too. If you are living in Columbus, Ohio area, there is a Columbus Pontiac Dealers that you can go to and buy your next Pontiac car. You can also log on to to check out great deals on new Pontiac cars as well as find a good car financing and trade values for your next car purchase. Their website is very interactive and features a lot of great infos about Pontiac cars. Check them now and drive away a new Pontiac from them.

Our Sunday

We went out for lunch today and hubby met up his old friend that he wasn't able to see for almost 6 years. He is also in the military and we went on post to pick him up. We went to a chinese restaurant to have lunch. They're glad they saw each other. His friend is only here for training and will go back to his assigned post in July. They're very loud talking to each other, I am telling you. But glad they saw each other.

After lunch we went to Tacoma to get parts of our CPU. The fan of our CPU is not working and everytime I turn it on I will smell something burnt inside. So we have to get a new fan before it catches fire. Then we passed by Babies r us and bought clothes for our tiny one. I also saw that they have the light stroller that I have been meaning to buy online. The price is lower than the one I saw online so I went ahead and bought it. We headed home before our little one will get cranky.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Medieval Armor

Are you a collector of medieval suit of armor? If you are, you can check out because they have vast selection of armor suit from medieval times. Their collections I know are all very interesting and can be used for displays, decorations and even incorporate it in your house design if you are fond of medieval architecture and designs. Visit them now and see for yourself what they have that you like.

Are You Drinking From Water Bottle?

This I heard from our local news that if you are drinking from water bottle there is a certain effect in your facial muscle that is comparable to the effect of smoking 3 packs a day. There was this very active and athletic woman who drinks from the bottle all the time for 2 years. The result was a wrinkle lines around her mouth. These lines appeared because the way she is drinking from the water bottle. This wrinkle effect also appears when you are smoking and drinking from a straw. So it is recommended, accordingly to drink from a large mouth bottle or from a glass or cup.

Maternity Clothes

When I got pregnant I had a hard time looking for maternity clothes because I am very petite. If I buy pants I usually buy size 2 short pre-pregnancy. During my pregnancy I can't find anything that will me real good. When I bought my maternity outfits I always ended up having it hemmed or shortened. I was told I need to check online because there are maternity shops online that sells customized clothing. I did and found few that I really love shopping like They have lots selections and their clothes are very trendy and fashionable. You will still feel and look sexy with their maternity clothes. So if you are currently pregnant, check them out and see their summer trends on sale now.

Rudy Fernandez Passed Away

I was watching TFC and there was a breaking news about the demise of Rudy Fernandez. He was one of the big stars in Philippine showbiz. He battled periampullary cancer for two years and he got defeated by it. I know that Philippine showbiz industry will be very sad because he's one of the pillars and contributed much to the industry. Surely he will be missed not only by his family but the rest of the Filipino people. Condolences to the family and may he rest peacefully with our Creator.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Vacation Tip

Summer is almost here but unfortunately our weather is not summery yet or even springy. Anyhow, I know a lot of people are planning their vacation during summer time. If you are one of them, considering the high price of just about everything nowadays, make sure to shop for vacation accommodations. There are lots of cheap hotels but still gives quality service for the entire family that you can choose from. You can even make advance booking to avail even more discounts. So make your summer an enjoyable one without breaking your bank.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Hobbyist Gears

There are so much to do when its summer time. There's bird watching, hunting, star gazing or star watching. If you are one of those who does this type of hobbies and you need gears you can check out They are the leading site to get Laser Sights that you can use for your hobby. They have wide selection of binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision, telescopes, rangefinders, laser sights, flashlights, tripods, radar guns, digital camera binoculars and many others from different brand names. If you also need to learn more about your hobby they also have information about it on their site. All their products are price guaranteed and they only sell out quality ones. If you get an order of more than $29.95 you will get a free shipping through UPS ground. Check them out and be prepared for your summer activities.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tag: Breast Cancer Month of June

I was tagged by beautiful Marzie to help spread the awareness on the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month of June. Please help convey the importance of regular examination and early detection of breast cancer in order to catch this disease when it first erupts, maximizing the chance of survival and recovery. So in doing my bit to help spread awareness on the issue of breast cancer to women, here are several facts on breast cancer that everyone should know about.

The first sign of breast cancer usually shows up on a woman's mammogram before it can be felt or any other symptoms are present. Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, delaying pregnancy until after age 30 or never becoming pregnant, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol. Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival. Ninety-six percent of women who find and treat breast cancer early will be cancer-free after five years. Over eighty percent of breast lumps are not cancerous, but benign such as fibrocystic breast disease. You are never too young to develop breast cancer! Breast Self-Exam should begin by the age of twenty. Resources: American Cancer Society National Cancer Institute Komen Foundation

You can help the lives of many women by spreading the word about The Breast Cancer Site pink button as many times as you can. If The Breast Cancer Site receives 8 million clicks on the pink button in June, their premier sponsor -Bare Necessities- will donate $10,000 for more free mammograms. CLICK the pink button today!

The Breast Cancer Site

I am tagging Merydith, Cely, Shiela, Tanya, Ritchelle, Tess, Recel, Petra, Lucel Juliana and Lira.

Obama is the Democratic Presidential Candidate

The result is in, Barack Obama will be the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the US of A. Hillary Clinton is still silent of what she is planning for her political career. I would say that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tandem would be a strong team up. This is a possibility that would really make history. Democratic Party will give new history if their candidate won for the Presidency. If it's Clinton, she will be the first female President and if Obama wins he will be the first African-American President of the United States of America.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Be Debt Free

I don't know who don't have debt this time. I heard a lot of complains about having too much debt, can't apply for home loan or even credit card because of high debt. This really gives your credit a bad standing and can hurt you in many ways. Do you know how to lower your debt or even to make you debt free in just a few months? If you want to become financially independent again, you can apply for Debt Consolidation Loan. You can check out Debt Free 24 to help you guide on how to become debt free. Debt Free 24 is also your online help in consolidating your credit card debt.

I have heard that applying for a Debt Consolidation Loan is not a good thing to repair your credit but if you know how to properly consolidate your debts it will help you in reducing your payment as well as reduce the time that you are paying your debts. It is just a matter of how you handle it and where you apply for consolidating your debts. So if you go to the reliable company like Debt Free 24 you will be assured that your debt will be reduced and will be paid in no time at all. This will allow you to also set aside funds for your emergency expenses. At their professional Debt Repayment Representative will help you in everything you need in making you debt free. So apply now and get your life back!

He is Finally Home

It was raining hard when I drove going to post this morning. According to the flight schedule instead of 10:45am arrival time it was moved to 12:20PM and the ceremony will start around 2:00PM. I was already ready around 9am and glad I checked first the schedule before going out. We waited for 3 hours and a half before we finally see them. But it was worth the wait because he is finally here. My mind is already at peace and I will not worry anymore everyday of what will happen to him while being deployed. Welcome home Daddy!

Mystery Shopping

Have you heard about mystery shoppers? I first heard about it when I was working in retail. My manager told me about it when we got our score card from corporate based on the secret shopper's comments when he/she shopped at our store. Mystery shopping really helps improve not only business' customer service but also gives management basis on what to improve in certain aspect of running the business. For businesses who needs the services of mystery shopper, they can check out Best Mark. This is the leading mystery shopping company that gives quality solution to your company's drive to improve quality customer service, promote loyalty, increase advocacy, develop employee's capabilities, and make sound management decisions. So if you own a business and you think you need to improve your business, check out Best Mark and hire them to help you achieve it.

Last Minute Shopping

I went out around 6pm yesterday to do some last minute shopping. Actually I went out to get the cake I ordered because I thought hubby will be here late last night. Unfortunately their flight was delayed so their arrival was changed to today. Their arrival schedule is around noontime. At the store I also bought some of his personal stuffs, shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, face lotion, etc., because he said that he did not pack his stuff. He threw it all to save space in his rucksack. So today I will be in the venue where we are going to meet them up. I am going there early so I will not have a hard time looking for a parking. I think the delay in their flight is somewhat a blessing in disguise for me so I will not drive at midnight to go to post. I don't mind tough but our DD will be cranky for sure since it's already bed time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cash Advance Service

With the soaring prices of all the stuff we need at home, like food and gas for our vehicles, we can't rely too much to wait for our paycheck. We even need emergency cash in case something untoward happen. This is where Payday Loans comes in handy. At Complete Loan Source you can apply for cash advance and get an instant processing. They are the number one source nationwide for any emergency cash needs. Your application for Cash Advance is secure, fast and confidential. So if you need any instant cash for any emergency expenses, check out Complete Loan and you will forget the worry of where to get the money. Apply now and get your cash in an instant.

Doc's Visit

I woke up early this morning because I have a lot of things to prepare. Then we are scheduled also to go to the hospital so our DD will be checked by her Pedia coz she is constipated and the doctor just want to evaluate her if she is already okay. Last week she was really fussy and I know she had a hard time passing gas. But everything is great with her and the doctor just lessen the dosage of her iron supplement. Afterwards we went to Walmart I bought some art stuff so I can make a welcome banner for our Daddy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Auto Loan Services

One of hubby's complains when he was looking for a truck was some of the dealerships that he went to they all sound the same. They are trying to push hard selling the vehicle to you and not telling upfront what he should expect when it comes to its financing. This is why he doesn't trust this type of dealership. When I research online where we can get a good financing services and up2drive came out to be very promising. Their auto loan rates are very low and they have in their site an auto loan calculator where you can calculate how much you expect to pay with your loan. This is a good of way of knowing what will be your expected loan. So if you are planning to drive a new vehicle soon apply an auto financing at and you will be assured of being the boss in your loan.

Dealing with High Gas Price

The gas price in Seattle area reaches to a high of $4.17. A lot of people are now struggling and looking for other means to alleviate the hardship. Some are looking for a second or third job just to make ends meet. How about you? Do you have any means on how to cut your gas expenses? I am really glad I have this online means of making money. At least it helps a lot for our gas money or buy things that I want or like. This gas crisis is felt throughout the world and I am not sure if there is any help for this to go down.

Long Night

I wasn't able to sleep good last night because our DD was fussy. I have been trying to finish my ironing but I wasn't able to since she always wakes up. When I went to bed and try to soothe her I slept thru and when I woke up it's already morning. I still have so many things to do and hopefully I can at least finish some of it tonight before I go to bed. Tomorrow I don't have much time because we have doctor's appointment in the morning.
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