Tuesday, June 10, 2008

23Blogs.com - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange (1:10)

Maintaining multiple blogs really is very daunting. I am wondering what I can do to improve my traffic without too much hassle of blog hopping to get back impressions, clicks or visits. Right now I am trying to keep up with exchange links and dropping cards so I can improve my blog statistics. However, I know of one way to minimize the pressure of hopping from one blog to another. This is through 1:10 text link exchange. I saw this new revolutionized service at 23Blogs.com - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10). This is not the same with the traditional method wherein you put the links one by one.

How does this work? 23blogs.com created this service wherein member blogs will have the ability to cross-promote each other. If you are a member you will display a box in your blogs that contains text links in order to earn credits. Signing up is absolutely free. You can check out their website and learn more how it works. Below are the features that you get once you sign up for this service. I will join so I can get more traffic as well as impressions to my blog without too much work.
  • 1000 impressions when you sign up.(once you place our html code within 24 hours.)
  • More than 10 different CSS style.
  • Referring other blogs earn you credits.
  • real-time statistics.
  • Add free content to your blog, making it more appealing to your readers at no cost to you.
  • Absolutely FREE!

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