Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gay Marriage

How do you find about the new law in California about gay marriage? In my opinion I am happy with it and I believe it is about time that they are given equal opportunity to freely express what they want to make of their relationship. I admired the oldest couple to be married. The other lady is 84 years old and they have been together for 55 years. I admired their strong relationship and I think now it paid off. I hope a lot of people will be more open minded about it and others should not take advantage of this new law.

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Canny Granny said...

Personally I don't care what gender people in love are, what nationality, cultural background, race or even religion .. love is love, and the world needs more of it

Gilbert & Cely said...

Hi Bless! I beg to disagree. Marriage is a sacred vocation just between a man and a woman. I guess, there is a need for this modern world to educate people about the different types of love.

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