Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Online Gaming

While we were at the mall this afternoon my husband's friend called him and I heard they were talking about playing Backgammon Online. I heard my husband's reply that he haven't tried it but he knew about it already. I asked him after he hung up on his friend what they are talking about. He told me that his friend asked him if he is interested to play Online backgammon because he know a lot of sites that he can recommend to him. Even before he went to Iraq when he and his friends met up they talked about online gaming and how one can really enjoy playing online. Even my co-worker invited me and hubby before to go to their house and we can all play Backgammon together online. I did not know at first that there is such a thing online but yes there is. This is another form of entertaining that will not require you to go out and drive. Now I know there are many online gaming that are scams that is why I told my husband if he is planning to join his friend and play or gamble online, they should make sure that they go to sites that is reputable and operates legally. I don't want them to gamble and lost their money to scamming sites which I know are a lot in the internet.

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