Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Sunday Celebration

We had a great Sunday Father's day celebration. We decided to go to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. The place was packed. We arrived there late afternoon because our purpose is to have an early dinner at the sea side restaurant. The place was real full so we decided to get in the zoo and aquarium. It was our DD's first time to roam around the park and recreation area. We were glad she wasn't cranky. She was really behave an seemed to enjoy sightseeing.

I took this picture when we are about to live the area.

We had a good time all in all. We plan of having a picnic and stroll at the park some other time when the weather permits. We can even stay the beach side and do our picnic there. It is a good place for family outing and such. I need to plan our outing soon.

We ended our day having dinner at Super Buffet, a Chinese all you can eat restaurant. Even the place was also packed and we waited in line. The restaurant is big but it was full. I like going there because of the wide food selection. I love to take my plate a picture but I got shy since there were too many people :-) Although hubby took a picture of me while I was putting food in my mouth and he caught me off guard.

My plate is full and I just noticed I used left and right :-)

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