Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Truck Rentals

Since I came here in the US I already experienced moving two times. Although I love the idea of being in another place again but the sad part is leaving your friends and relatives behind. On our first time to move we did not let the army move all our stuff. We retain some things that we brought with us. The thing with the truck we rented when we moved before was the inconsistency of the rental company. We pay more than what we thought. If only I know about MovingOrbit.com beforehand I would tell my husband to use them for our moving truck rental. The good thing with them is you can get a free quote first and you will be able to save money because they have lower price than their competitor. Once you use their services and reserve online you will get 10% off of your fee. Whenever we will move again I will definitely use the services of Moving Orbit.

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