Friday, June 13, 2008


(Photo grabbed at Yahoo)

Have you heard about the news of a deer that has one horn at the center of its head at the park in Italy? This deer is being unicorn referring to the mythical animal unicorn. A lot of people say its amazing that there is such a real one you can see not just in myth stories. According to their research this deer has some genetic flaw because the twin deer has a normal horns. This sweet deer really capture the attention of a lot of people though because of its difference.

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Fernando C. Zamora said...

yup i read that in yahoo news... its good thing that it happens elsewhere - i mean not in the philippines or else it will be religiously adored... hehehe... some of our brothers still have the tendency to revert back to the olden time's penchant to revere unsual things... but there is not unusual in things around it's just that they are not commonly seen and it's the turf of nature...

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