Thursday, July 31, 2008

Order Checks Online

Coming from a third world country I only think then that checks are only for those rich people as well as businesses. When I got here in the US once you apply for a checking account you will automatically have your own personal check. I thought of it at first as very cool. When I got my first bundle of checks when my husband enrolled me to have my own checking account I was very ecstatic. I can't believe myself that I have my own personal check. Then I found out later on that I can even have a customized personal check where I will be able to choose design to be imprinted in the check. I am more excited about it. I usually go to Vista Print to have a customize checks.

is the place you can go to when it comes to customize personal checks. Order checks online and you will get 25% off Checks and you only have to use the coupon code Checks25. You can choose your own style when you order. They not only have personal checks available but also business checks or computer checks. They have whatever suits your needs. What I really like from them is they have the best price you can find online. Their services are great, fast and safe ordering, and your information is secure. Once you order from them they will have your information safe and re-ordering is very easy. Check them out now and get your personalized checks from them.

Tag: Perfect Blend of Friendship

It is a great joy to find that there are blogger friends that recognizes your friendship even if you haven't seen them personally. I thanked you Yen for giving me this and considering me as one of your online friends.

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I am passing this to Juliana, Merydith, Raquel, Ritchelle, Shiela, Ate Cely, Sheng and Recel.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Travel Glitches

On our way home we encountered some glitches on our drive. Hubby asked me that day if I wanted to stay one more day in Fairfield, California or not. I told him that I'd rather go home since I am tired of staying in a hotel already. So we left Travis AFB after lunch. We expect to be home at midnight Saturday. While we passed by Vacaville town I noticed the truck is vibrating or shaking and the AC is not working good. I told hubby that we need to stop by and check it out.

We stopped and he took out the book to Troubleshoot. I read it and if the vehicle is shaking it could be the wheels need alignment or not properly tightened or the shock absorber. With regards to the AC it may be the ac compressor. We continue to drive hoping there is a service station at the exits. When there was no hint of having one we decided to go back our way. As we went back I heard a swooshing sound and I told hubby it must be our wheels.

True enough our rear tire left side was busted. Good thing he was driving slowly so no untoward incident happen. We stopped by on the road side and hubby change tire. We have to get off the truck and it was very hot since there was no trees or even shrubs along the way. It looks like we are in the desert. I was glad we have the big umbrella that I used to shield me and our DD from the blazing sun. After hubby changed the tires we drove to the town and luckily found a place to have the truck checked up and we bought a brand new tire to replace the other one as well have a spare. We ended up staying another night in California and decided to drive back home early in the morning.

Lost Baggage

This is our picture the day we arrived in Hickam AFB, Hawaii. We were waiting for the cab that will take us to the Alamo rent a car in Honolulu. We waited a little bit so we take pictures and hubby took video of our DD being in Hawaii for the first time.

Anyways, as I have wrote in the title as 'Lost Baggage' because in the picture we have the big red luggage, blue carry on bag, and the big black back pack bag. On our way home from Hickam to Travis as we get our checked in baggage, we found out that we lost the black back pack. It is our first time taking a MAC flight and lost a baggage. All our used clothes and shoes, slippers and other things are in that bag. It was a good thing that the night before hubby took out our car keys and he did not put inside there our laptop instead he put it in the red big luggage.

My hunched was somehow the back pack will be brought to Guam since when we checked in there is also a flight going to Guam and the lady that checked us in she put the back pack on top of the car seat that is going to Guam instead of joining it with our luggage. So we reported it as soon as we got in Travis and we were told to come the next day to meet with the Lost and Found agent. We met her the next day and verified the paperworks that we filled out the night we arrived and she told us they will call us as soon as they heard a word on where our bag is. If they receive it it will be sent to us through Fed Ex.

We already got home and we didn't hear a word about it yet. I told hubby to call them up. He did almost everyday and still there was no promising news. So I told hubby again to call up Guam's terminal and ask them if somehow they have our bag. True enough they said they have our back pack and they are waiting for a flight going back to Hawaii to send the bag back. Then from Hawaii it will be sent to Travis in California and then the Lost and Found agent will send it to us. I really hope we can get it as soon as possible because hubby's book is there which he is going to use for his schooling starting this 11th of August.

It was not a happy arrival indeed :-)

Personalize Google

I am very envious at times of web sites that I see very artistically made or has a lot of blings and blinks, like the digital scrapbooking and other digital works that they display in their site. I see more web site owners now that really love customizing their sites. I believe personalization is the in thing nowadays. I was thinking also of doing some personalize works in my blogs as well as in my computer desktop. I was looking for ways that I can customize my web page even putting a search tool bar so I can maximize its usage. I found Personalize Google at which I found very interesting.

Groovle is where you can make a Personalize Google. This is why it is known also as a groovy google since you can personalize a search page by uploading a photo of your choice. I can use it to customize my web page and google search page as well. I checked their website and they have different images that you can use. Categories include nature, sports, celebrities, animals, planets, and many others. If you prefer your own picture you can also do the same. Now I know what I can use if ever I will pimped up my site and my search page. You can also try it now and give your site a different appeal.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Game of Bowling

When we were in Travis AFB in California we were staying at the billeting and on the other side of the lodge is the Travis Bowl. Hubby asked me if I wanted to play bowling. It has been one of our activities once we stay in military lodge to go bowl. So we did. We played two sets only and hubby beat me. Although we were neck to neck but at the end he ended up winning. When he typed our names at the monitor he put both him and Shiloh's name together saying they are a team. So when he beat me I told him that it's because it is 2 against 1. I know I just made an excuse for not winning :-) We had fun though and later on when Shiloh is able to walk fully unaided we can let her play too since they have this thing to use for little kids where you can just slide the heavy ball.

Low Cost Web Hosting

I have realized that having your own domain and very good hosting services will maximize your web site functionality and usage. I heard from friends that they have problems with their web host. Aside from being expensive their provider also doesn't give them a good technical support. This gives me idea that when I find a web host for my web sites I will make sure that I am covered; it should be low cost but not compromising its quality and other accompanying services. I browsed online and honestly the selections are ample it will confuse you what to choose but I found one that for me is very catching. This is the Canadian Web Hosting company.

This is a Canadian based web hosting company that is in business for more than 10 years now. They promised not only to give their clients the best service but really live up to their customers expectation by ensuring fast and reliable hosting services. The low cost services, money back guarantee and guaranteed uptime at 99.9% also gives their clients the peace of mind that their site will be up and running without interruption. Their technical support is also ready online to give assistance. So if you are having a hard time looking for a good web hosting, you can check them out at instead and see for yourself their excellent services.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rest Areas

I am very thankful that rest areas are available when you travel by land here in the US. I can't imagine if there is none and having a long drive just like what we did when we moved from Georgia coming here in Washington State.

During our vacation we drove from here to Travis AFB in California to take a MAC flight going to Hawaii. Since it was a long drive we stopped by rest stops. This picture on the sides is the first rest stop that we stopped by in California. I am impressed that some of these rest stops are really clean and has a nice view. This is why I also like to take pictures of it when we are stopping. Hubby was making fun of me when I take pictures at rest stops but he can't do anything about it since he will be my subject also most of the times just like this picture below :-)

One of the rest stops in Oregon

I have my share of posing too but used the scenic view as my back drop when we stopped at this rest stop.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Debt Collection

My husband told me that before he has problem with his credit. Usually if you are delinquent with your debts your creditor will send your account to debt collection agencies and they will be the one to collect your payments. I was really confused before how this works but when hubby explained it to me about one that he has it clears up my confusion. I think the best thing to do is to make sure you are not delinquent in paying your debts so it will not hurt your credit.

Dead Tired

We are back in Washington now and I am dead tired. We traveled 12 hours from California and started our trip early in the morning. We left Fairfield, CA at exactly 6am and got here in Olympia passed 6pm. We supposed to be back yesterday but something happened along the way and we decided to come back and stay in Fairfield for one more night and drive early in the morning instead. I was very tired since I was awake since 1am watching tv at our hotel. We had a wake up call at around 4am to prepare. At 5am we checked out and went to Denny's for breakfast. So after breakfast we started our journey home. I have so much to share and I will begin my recount of our vacation as soon as I can.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Skin Breakouts

When I don't have enough sleep or if I am traveling too much my facial skin will break out and I really hate it since it hurt every time I touch it. It may even become full blown and I just can't help but prick it. This is why I always need pimple creams when I travel. Just like now that we are always out and about, traveling everywhere, I already have pimples on my forehead and I when I comb my hair the comb will touch it and it hurts so bad. I am glad I was able to bring my pimple treatment that it heals easily in just few applications. I wish I will not have this breakouts because I am don't like putting anything in my face.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Travel Set Back

We are trying to save for this summer vacation that we have going to Hawaii and I did not expect we will have some set backs. As I have said that we are going on a Space A travel which is a benefit for all service members and retirees alike to fly free in the military plane. We used the same too the last time we went to Hawaii and we did not encounter any glitch whatsoever. This time we waited to be picked up and it runs for almost a week now. Good thing hubby have the whole month off so we are not pressured by time. Our last day to wait will be tomorrow and if we can't be on that flight which accordingly has 73 seats then we will just head home and maybe have a Hawaiian vacation next time. We will just consider this vacation as our California getaway since we were able to go to San Francisco and check out some of its tourist attractions.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Handy Stroller

I am really thankful that we were able to bring the light stroller for our DD. We have two strollers and I was having second thoughts about not bringing the lighter one since it don't have much storage. My husband said that we have to bring the travel system instead of the lighter one for that reason. I told him that it is very bulky and if we are lagging it all the time it will just be in the way all the time. So we decided to bring the lighter one and I am very glad because we are always out and about and having a handy stroller really helps a lot.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hawaiian Vacation

At last we are now heading to Hawaii for our summer vacation. We will be staying in Oahu for a week. We will be visiting the kids as well as do some sightseeing. I have been there in 2005 for out honeymoon. It will be nice since now we have our DD and the kids will see their little sissy soon. We drove from WA coming here in CA because we are taking the Space A flight since it is free. At least we will be able to save for our fare considering the fare is so high nowadays. Honestly I am not fond of Space A but since we can save moolah by choosing it for our transportation, I don't have any complains. I will be able to upload pictures once I will have a good internet connection. I am thanking all my friends and visitors for coming back at my blog everyday to drop cards or just by visiting. I appreciate it very much and I will do my rounds as soon as I can have a fast internet connection :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diet Pills

I was told that if you are going to loss weight and you want to take diet pills you must consult your physician. My husband before uses one of the over the counter diet pills and he said he really did not see any effects. He also told me that there are products being overly marketed and advertised but does not really work best. So for me before taking any weight loss pill make sure that it really works as it is advertised. The best thing to do is to ask your doctor and also check out the product before using it. If you have any concern make sure to ask about it and address your concern to prevent any unwanted complications.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am saddened hearing about this wildfires that happen in California every year. It is very destructing and a lot of properties were gone through the years when this happens. This week there's wildfires that happened also here in Washington in Spokane area. I heard on the news that there was a body found in one of the houses that was burnt in California wildfire. Calamity such as this that will hit anybody is very devastating. I hope that those affected will find comfort and still be grateful that they are still alive and material things can still be found.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Of Becoming a Biker

We were driving from the hospital going home yesterday when one soldier biker passed us. Hubby asked me if it is okay if he gets a bike. He said it would be best to use a bike going to work these days since the gas price is not showing any chance of going down. I told him it is up to him. I encourage him to look for bike maybe a used Harleys if he wants to. I can't picture him as a biker though but if he wants to one day I will not stop him. I will support him all the way. Then I will become a biker's wife. Cool!

New Apple iPhone

So have you been in line to get the new Apple iPhone that is already out in the market? I saw on the news this morning that people were in line very very early just to get this new tech toy. The first person who got it first in one of the stores that were being visited by reporter said that he is very happy and it will definitely change his life. Well, I don't know but this new toys would really make others crazy over it :-) If ever I want it later on I may just wait till it will be fully out in the market :-)

Exercise Equipment

Exercise is very good to maintain healthy body. There are many forms of exercise as well as exercise equipment you can find. One that really caught my interest is a treadmill. If only we have a big place to store exercise equipment we could have gotten one already. The only thing that prevents us from getting one is a free space in our unit. When we can have our own house I would definitely get one for us to use.

Her Corner

Hubby were able to move the book case and the silk plant that was in the corner before and we made it solely her little corner. I think it really worked well since it cleared the area a little bit and make it look bigger. I won't step on his other toys and she will have a larger area to play. Kudos tou our Daddy for clearing and cleaning the space for her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nissan Dealer MA

My co-worker before in GA sent me an email saying they are moving to Massachusetts. She just gave birth too and she said her husband will be getting a car for her because she needs to drive in case her husband cannot take her to her or their baby's appointments. She said she wanted either new or second hand Nissan Maxima. She likes the comfort of it which is uncompromising as well as the bigger leg room. So I told her about Nissan Dealer MA where they can check out for cars like the one she wants.

At Nissan Dealer MA they have all the types' coupe, sedan, sports cars, SUVs and trucks. Their cars are of the high-end quality and really give you the power you expect from a vehicle. If you need a sports car they have the Nissan Altima that has the power to be in control in any driving environment. Nissan is from a Japanese automobile manufacturer. They manufacture cars that can really stand the test of time and assured the consumer that they are driving very reliable vehicles. If you are in the Framingham, Ma area you can check out the Framingham Nissan dealership that really helps car buyers in getting their own vehicle. They make sure that customers come first.

Mother's Intuition

Yesterday we went to urgent care for our DD's check up. The doctor just made a quick check on her. When she checked her mouth she then said she has strep throat. Since she's a doctor as much as I want to refute what she said but I took her word. She then prescribed an antibiotic for her. Then last night I told hubby that I need to get same day appointment for her again today. Hubby said what for, I told him that I need to make sure if she really need the antibiotic since the doc did not get a culture for the "strep" that she said. I also don't feel comfortable giving our DD the antibiotic for 10 days. So this morning I called the hospital and ask for a same day appointment. I got an afternoon one.

Then I gave our tiny one her medicine. Afterwards I observed that she keep scratching her neck. I saw there are rashes on her neck and her heartbeat was fast. I was afraid she might be allergic to the medicine. I was so tempted to bring her to the ER but I waited. I changed her just in case we have to run to the hospital. Until she settled down and too morning nap. Around 1pm we went to our appointment.

The doctor that saw her said that her throat is not screamingly red and it should be cultured first before it is diagnosed as strep throat. I asked him if I can stop giving her the antibiotic and he said yes. He took samples from her throat and send it to lab to make sure. I hope it is not. Since yesterday evening her fever was gone. So I am hoping she just have the fever because of her teeth.I am really glad I decided to get an appointment today because I am assured that she is okay and my questions were being answered.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christmas in July

Well, I know there are still 5 months before Christmas but for it is already Christmas. Why? Because they are having a big sale of up to 70% off on most of their merchandise. I am still looking for a good price of laptop because I want to upgrade. I was told that you can really get best buy from them with electronics. I checked them out and sure enough I saw a lot of laptop brands and very affordable. They also have good deals of other merchandise that Mommies like me can really take advantage of. So don't miss the chance now to have real savings while buying the things that you love at


We went on post to get our DD's prescription. Hubby went inside and check if there's a long line. When he got back he told me that there were 50 more people ahead of him. Since his number is still far we went off post and get something to eat at KFC. We went back on post and hubby went to check at the pharmacy. I on the other hand started to eat my food. While taking out the food container the sides of the container scratch and cut through my upper arm. I am glad it is not a deep cut though. I hope this will not get swollen since I have the tendency to have that when I have wounds or cuts.

Baby Prams and Pushchairs

Having a baby would really require parents to get prams or baby strollers to carry the baby while out and about. I just bought lately a new lightweight stroller for our little girl because although she can still use the travel system that we bought for her before but I just like the convenience of having the lighter one because she is getting heavier. If I have known beforehand that there are pushchairs like the one in the picture that can be converted from being a pram to a pushchair I would buy the same. But anyways, for Mommies out there that needs one for their little ones you can check out

Baby things 4 u has all the baby gears that you need from cots, cribs, pushchairs, carriers, buggies, booster seats and more from different brands. They also sell nursery and feeding equipment. All the products you can find in this online store are all very cool, neat and of good quality. I like looking at the different baby gears and makes me want to have everything I like for our daughter. Their site is very easy to use and they have an excellent customer service. So if you need gears for your little ones check them out and sure you will find a lot of good deals from them.

Urgent Care

I am very glad that there is such a thing as urgent care here when you don't want to go to the emergency and if you can't get a same day appointment with your care provider. As I have said in my previous post that our DD got sick, I called this morning for the triage nurse and she told me that I can use the urgent care option with our insurance company since there is no vacant schedule for our DD today. So we went to the clinic and found out that our DD has strep throat, according to the doctor that sees her. She prescribed an antibiotic for her and I hope this will eliminate right away the bacteria. We did not wait that long at the clinic and we just went on post to pick up her prescription. I am also glad that she was seen today by a doctor and I can rest now from worrying why her temperature is on and off.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Casino Guide

Looking for the best casino to play online is easy through the free online casinos at They have the list of all the casinos that has reviews. They listed reputable casinos that players can safely play with without the fear of being cheated. All of the online casinos that they feature have quality games, fast payouts, and excellent 24/7 customer support. Their comprehensive listing includes free online casino games and also casinos you can find globally. They have the best casinos also that uses top of the line software that is easy to navigate and complete with sounds and graphics. Check them out now and see which casino available that you like the most.

Not Enough Sleep

I am tired right now but I am forcing myself to finish the task that I need to finish today. I have been dilly-dallying these that is why I was caught up with the deadline. Last night I did not have enough sleep because or DD got sick. She developed temperature when we woke up yesterday morning. Until now she still has and on and off temperature. I am worried that is why I can't get enough sleep. I am just glad that she still eats and drink milk. If she will still have fever tomorrow higher than 101 I will call her Pedia or probably bring her to the clinic.

Student Credit Cards

When my husband talked to me about his plan of building up the eldest son's credit I told him to check online about information on student credit cards. The son is already 16 years old and will be graduating high school next year. It will be time that he gets to be more independent since he will be going to college. I made my research and came across with I have heard this site before from my Manager that she also went to in checking for credit cards for her daughter.

Student Credit is really a good resource in getting information about student credit cards. It also share helpful article on how to maintain excellent credit, making on time payments, as well as advices on what type of credit cards students need. We don't have this in the Philippines before so I am not really well versed of how it goes. Now with the help of we can properly plan and educate our kids about maintaining a good credit for their future. We can also be guided of what type of credit cards that is best for them. So if you have students in your household and you need to prepare them about credit and having a credit card, you can check


I wasn't surprised at all when the Philippine actress and actor Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo disclosed at Sharon that they are already engaged o be married. It is time for them to settle down and they look very good together. I am a fan of Judy Ann ever since because she is really a good actress and through her track record in the showbiz industry in the Philippines. Though I like her with Piolo Pascual but guess they are not meant for each other. I am wishing her and Ryan a blissful family life once they tied the knot and a lasting relationship.[As if we are close :-)]

Hand Tools

My husband is a mechanically inclined person. Every time something happen to our vehicles or anything that requires mechanical work he always do it by himself. It is not that he doesn't trust others to do it but he wanted to do it because he can. This is why he has a lot of Hand Tools that needs a place to store it with. I am looking around for storage stores but I saw one online at this service cart that hubby can store his tools ready for him to use.I showed it to him and he said that it is what exactly he has in mind to have one day. It is very convenient to use and easy to transfer from one space to another because it has wheels. At SJ Discount Tools I found a lot of Hand Tools that he still needs to complete his collection. The good thing is that they priced their tools lower than most of the retailer that we know of. They really is a one stop shop in getting all types of hand tools, may it be carpentry, automotive, power tools and many others from different manufacturers. You can check them now if you are looking for any hand tools for you or your husband.

Cougar Sighting

It was reported on our local news that there was a cougar sighting on 4th of July in our county. This big cat went into one of the houses and attempted to break in breaking a part of their back door fence. Another house their screen was torn by the cougar. Then the next day it was sighted near a Safeway store near the Capital Mall. This is the mall where we frequent.

The people were being warned that the possibility of this cat to come out is high since it wasn't caught yet and told to do some precautionary measures. I am wondering since the back of our apartment complex is a wooded area I hope this cougar will not be wandering around there. Every afternoon I can see couple of hares jumping around and eating the leaves though. I would definitely freak out if I come in contact with this dangerous cat.

The Return: Tag

I am very happy for the return of the Genie Princess and Genie King. It is also an honor that they visited my humble abode bringing their magical lamp.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Weekend

The three day weekend that we had was really busy. We were always out and about. Yes, literally speaking. Friday being the 4th of July was spent mostly outside with friends. Saturday we went out and did some food shopping and some errands. Sunday we went out three times. First we went to church at 1oam. After church we came home and had lunch. After lunch we watched an old movie in one of the channels, the Breakin' 2 Electric B0ogaloo which is a 1984 comedy, drama movie that hubby loves to watch over and over.

Then hubby asked me if I still wanted to go to Supermall. I told him it's kinda late. The mall closes at 6pm on Sundays and we have to drive 40min to reach there. Hubby was so eager to go so we headed there. We arrived at the Supermall almost 5pm so I only went around window shopping and just bought some stuff/clothes for our DD at Osh Kosh and Carter's since they have super duper sale. I also bought polo shirts for hubby and a blouse for me at Banana Republic.

When we got in our area hubby said that he needs to check out something from Walmart. He bought another table top fountain since the one he gave to me before he left for Iraq was broken. He also got a toy for our DD. When we were home at last our dear friend called him if we are up for a late dinner. They haven't seen each other yet since he got back from Iraq so we headed out again for dinner at a Chinese buffet. The restaurant closes at 10pm and we were among the last people there. I got really exhausted when we got home afterwards.

Looking back to what we did yesterday, t'was really very hectic :-) This wrapped up our weekend whereabouts :-)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Modern Furniture

Yesterday we went out and look for furniture. Sometimes me and hubby don't have the same taste in furniture. I am more leaning towards modern furniture while he wants a bit of traditional and modern combined. I hope that we will be able to come up with the best solution of what we wanted. I am looking at a dining furniture just like the picture below. Clean, smooth lines and not busy.

Movies To Watch Out For

I missed a lot of good movies already. I just don't have anybody to be trusted here to leave our DD while me and hubby go out and watch a movie. He keep asking me that we will just bring our DD in the theater. I am not agreeing on it since she is already very mobile. I am very sure she will not be still unless she can go to sleep. But anyways, among the movies that I am eying are Wanted with Angelina Jolie. Hubby went out to see it by himself. He said it was a nice one. I did not ask him to tell me the movie coz I don't want any spoilage :-) Then there's Hancock starring Will Smith. Accordingly it tops the box office right now. And another movie that I am looking forward to watch is Batman where I think the last movie where Keith Ledger was the villain. It is still coming out and I am sure it will be a big hit.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Celebration

So how was your 4th of July? Ours was okay. We went to Supermall with a friend and then around 6pm we went on post. There was a fireworks display scheduled when the sun goes down. Around 7pm it rained hard as in real hard that I thought it messed up the celebration. But I was glad it stopped. We went home first to change because we did not bring jacket for our DD. We are only 15 minutes away from post so we will not miss the celebration. On our way home I called our friend if they are going there to watch and they were already there. So when we got back to the event we me up with them and went to the field together to witness the fireworks display. It was a nice display of lights and I believe everyone enjoyed it very much.

Weight Loss

Gaining weight is really a problem to most women when they are pregnant and after giving birth. I noticed now after a year of giving birth my weight somehow shoots up. Although it is not yet to an alarming point but I just noticed my appetite is good this past few weeks. I am thinking of minimizing my intake since I don't want to increase my body fat. I am on the petite side so I should not let myself increase in size sideways, if you know what I mean. I heard about hoodia as an appetite suppressor. I am thinking of researching more about it and hopefully it can help me in my weight loss program.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Celebrate this independence day with remembrance and be safe you all!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bits of Lace

Giving lingerie is not really my type but since my sister wanted it I have to look for lingerie that I know she will like. She is on a heavy side so I am thinking of just getting it online. I was browsing through and I saw this Prima Donna Bras that are very stylish and of good quality. You will be informed as well if you go this site at because they have information about its history and how it still exists for many decades now. I find it very interesting by reading the story on this site how lingerie evolves from different times.

Accordingly, you can buy these Prima Donna Bras at Bits of Lace online. This lingerie store has a lot of selection of delicate laces, comfortable cottons, sexy silks, and a full range of fine lingerie that extends from classics to fashion forward styles. You can choose from different brands and they have the plus sizes that I need for my sister. Their fine lingerie are variety of European lines with very good quality. They also offer lingerie for occasion such as bridal lingerie. If you are planning of getting married or know somebody you can buy her one for her bridal shower. While looking at their selection, I can't help but admire all and the sleepwear that they have I believe is really very comfortable. So now I will just wait for my sister's measurements and then I will get her one from Bits of Lace.

Hot Cars

This summer season it is very important to watch out when our kids are inside the cars. Make sure that we are not forgetting them when we get out of the car. There are reports that a child was left inside and it was very hot. When we go out and hubby is driving I always sit at the back with our DD because even if we have the AC on she still sweats especially when she goes to sleep. I always wipe her head and forehead because it is really dripping with sweat. I also don't like the idea that she is alone at the back. If our vehicle is left in a parking space where is is very hot outside I cover her cars eat with something so as not to make it very hot once we come back and put her in. We just have to take extra carefulness this time when temperature can reach to almost 3 digits.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kitchen Mishap

I was washing our dishes this morning when suddenly our kitchen faucet's nozzle came off as I turned it on and off. I hope that the apartment complex uses dependable kitchen faucets throughout the units so something like this won't happen again. We have to wait until tomorrow for it to be replaced since their maintenance guy wasn't able to get a replacement for it this afternoon. Last week it was the compactor that won't turn on and now it's the faucet. I hope nothing mishap in the kitchen will happen again these coming days.

Cleaning After Beach-ing

When we go to the beach one problem that really annoys me afterwards is the sand that sticks in our body as well as in our beach towels and even inside the car. I was reading the Good Housekeeping magazine and I learned a good way of cleaning it up. Accordingly, after beach goers got off from the water you can sprinkle the skin with baby powder to keep sand from sticking. Also, to put covers in your car seats or car floors using old towels. Before your kids get inside the house make sure to de-sand their feet and the rest of their body using their beach towel. Let them leave the towel outside. cleaning up the rest of the gears too while outside is necessary to prevent the sand to get in the house. When we went to the beach last weekend I brought a slipper with me that I wore when we were walking along the beach and when I got in the car I knocked off the sand on my feet and hubby cleaned up my slipper and put it in a bag. So I did not bring any sand in the car when I enter.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wimbledon Live

I am very glad that even if we are far from where Wimbledon is to watch the famous tennis tournament we can still see it live online. This is through MediaZone. They are the one stop destination if you want to watch live sports, international and entertainment programs online. The good thing of watching it online is without the interruption of commercial. For this year's Wimbledon competition I can just watch it online. I am following Jia Zheng from China. Her rise in the competition is really an inspiration for all the underdog. MediaZone's all access pass for Wimbledon LIVE is enough for me to track my favorite player's matches. The video streaming is really very clear so I am happy that there is a service such as this.


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Snow Fox

I was shocked when we were on our way going down from Mt. Ranier 2 weeks ago we saw this small fox. It was wandering along the narrow winding road. Then hubby slowed down and the fox just standing at the curb. Then when I decided to take a picture it ran up against the wall of snow. I almost did not catch it. It was my first time seeing a wild fox.

Through the Waves

Our life change as we're blessed with our Darling Daughter. We were stripped off of the liberty of doing things without thinking of her first or we can't do the usual things anymore that we used to do before she came to us. Everything changed but the change is very fulfilling and I can't ask for more. I can't thank enough that God gave us a beautiful and healthy daughter. We promise to her that we will do all our best to give her a good and happy life. We will always be there fir her and carry her through whatever waves that will come to her life. We love her very much.

Author House

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