Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cleaning After Beach-ing

When we go to the beach one problem that really annoys me afterwards is the sand that sticks in our body as well as in our beach towels and even inside the car. I was reading the Good Housekeeping magazine and I learned a good way of cleaning it up. Accordingly, after beach goers got off from the water you can sprinkle the skin with baby powder to keep sand from sticking. Also, to put covers in your car seats or car floors using old towels. Before your kids get inside the house make sure to de-sand their feet and the rest of their body using their beach towel. Let them leave the towel outside. cleaning up the rest of the gears too while outside is necessary to prevent the sand to get in the house. When we went to the beach last weekend I brought a slipper with me that I wore when we were walking along the beach and when I got in the car I knocked off the sand on my feet and hubby cleaned up my slipper and put it in a bag. So I did not bring any sand in the car when I enter.

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