Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Game of Bowling

When we were in Travis AFB in California we were staying at the billeting and on the other side of the lodge is the Travis Bowl. Hubby asked me if I wanted to play bowling. It has been one of our activities once we stay in military lodge to go bowl. So we did. We played two sets only and hubby beat me. Although we were neck to neck but at the end he ended up winning. When he typed our names at the monitor he put both him and Shiloh's name together saying they are a team. So when he beat me I told him that it's because it is 2 against 1. I know I just made an excuse for not winning :-) We had fun though and later on when Shiloh is able to walk fully unaided we can let her play too since they have this thing to use for little kids where you can just slide the heavy ball.

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