Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hawaiian Vacation

At last we are now heading to Hawaii for our summer vacation. We will be staying in Oahu for a week. We will be visiting the kids as well as do some sightseeing. I have been there in 2005 for out honeymoon. It will be nice since now we have our DD and the kids will see their little sissy soon. We drove from WA coming here in CA because we are taking the Space A flight since it is free. At least we will be able to save for our fare considering the fare is so high nowadays. Honestly I am not fond of Space A but since we can save moolah by choosing it for our transportation, I don't have any complains. I will be able to upload pictures once I will have a good internet connection. I am thanking all my friends and visitors for coming back at my blog everyday to drop cards or just by visiting. I appreciate it very much and I will do my rounds as soon as I can have a fast internet connection :-)

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Em Dy said...

Enjoy your vacation.

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