Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hot Cars

This summer season it is very important to watch out when our kids are inside the cars. Make sure that we are not forgetting them when we get out of the car. There are reports that a child was left inside and it was very hot. When we go out and hubby is driving I always sit at the back with our DD because even if we have the AC on she still sweats especially when she goes to sleep. I always wipe her head and forehead because it is really dripping with sweat. I also don't like the idea that she is alone at the back. If our vehicle is left in a parking space where is is very hot outside I cover her cars eat with something so as not to make it very hot once we come back and put her in. We just have to take extra carefulness this time when temperature can reach to almost 3 digits.

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Megan said...

I wish everyone paid extra attention during these hot summer months. It makes me so sad when I turn on the news and hear that another child has died due to being left alone in a hot car. Last year, a parent in our area left their child in the car the entire time they were at work. They completely forgot that they had their child with them. If only they had paid better attention...their child would still be alive today.

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