Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost Baggage

This is our picture the day we arrived in Hickam AFB, Hawaii. We were waiting for the cab that will take us to the Alamo rent a car in Honolulu. We waited a little bit so we take pictures and hubby took video of our DD being in Hawaii for the first time.

Anyways, as I have wrote in the title as 'Lost Baggage' because in the picture we have the big red luggage, blue carry on bag, and the big black back pack bag. On our way home from Hickam to Travis as we get our checked in baggage, we found out that we lost the black back pack. It is our first time taking a MAC flight and lost a baggage. All our used clothes and shoes, slippers and other things are in that bag. It was a good thing that the night before hubby took out our car keys and he did not put inside there our laptop instead he put it in the red big luggage.

My hunched was somehow the back pack will be brought to Guam since when we checked in there is also a flight going to Guam and the lady that checked us in she put the back pack on top of the car seat that is going to Guam instead of joining it with our luggage. So we reported it as soon as we got in Travis and we were told to come the next day to meet with the Lost and Found agent. We met her the next day and verified the paperworks that we filled out the night we arrived and she told us they will call us as soon as they heard a word on where our bag is. If they receive it it will be sent to us through Fed Ex.

We already got home and we didn't hear a word about it yet. I told hubby to call them up. He did almost everyday and still there was no promising news. So I told hubby again to call up Guam's terminal and ask them if somehow they have our bag. True enough they said they have our back pack and they are waiting for a flight going back to Hawaii to send the bag back. Then from Hawaii it will be sent to Travis in California and then the Lost and Found agent will send it to us. I really hope we can get it as soon as possible because hubby's book is there which he is going to use for his schooling starting this 11th of August.

It was not a happy arrival indeed :-)

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Ritchiela said...

Maayo unta madali ug padala diha ug balik Bless...

I wonder man ug giunsa nimo pagsaka anang pader diha nga kataas?

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