Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mother's Intuition

Yesterday we went to urgent care for our DD's check up. The doctor just made a quick check on her. When she checked her mouth she then said she has strep throat. Since she's a doctor as much as I want to refute what she said but I took her word. She then prescribed an antibiotic for her. Then last night I told hubby that I need to get same day appointment for her again today. Hubby said what for, I told him that I need to make sure if she really need the antibiotic since the doc did not get a culture for the "strep" that she said. I also don't feel comfortable giving our DD the antibiotic for 10 days. So this morning I called the hospital and ask for a same day appointment. I got an afternoon one.

Then I gave our tiny one her medicine. Afterwards I observed that she keep scratching her neck. I saw there are rashes on her neck and her heartbeat was fast. I was afraid she might be allergic to the medicine. I was so tempted to bring her to the ER but I waited. I changed her just in case we have to run to the hospital. Until she settled down and too morning nap. Around 1pm we went to our appointment.

The doctor that saw her said that her throat is not screamingly red and it should be cultured first before it is diagnosed as strep throat. I asked him if I can stop giving her the antibiotic and he said yes. He took samples from her throat and send it to lab to make sure. I hope it is not. Since yesterday evening her fever was gone. So I am hoping she just have the fever because of her teeth.I am really glad I decided to get an appointment today because I am assured that she is okay and my questions were being answered.

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