Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Weekend

The three day weekend that we had was really busy. We were always out and about. Yes, literally speaking. Friday being the 4th of July was spent mostly outside with friends. Saturday we went out and did some food shopping and some errands. Sunday we went out three times. First we went to church at 1oam. After church we came home and had lunch. After lunch we watched an old movie in one of the channels, the Breakin' 2 Electric B0ogaloo which is a 1984 comedy, drama movie that hubby loves to watch over and over.

Then hubby asked me if I still wanted to go to Supermall. I told him it's kinda late. The mall closes at 6pm on Sundays and we have to drive 40min to reach there. Hubby was so eager to go so we headed there. We arrived at the Supermall almost 5pm so I only went around window shopping and just bought some stuff/clothes for our DD at Osh Kosh and Carter's since they have super duper sale. I also bought polo shirts for hubby and a blouse for me at Banana Republic.

When we got in our area hubby said that he needs to check out something from Walmart. He bought another table top fountain since the one he gave to me before he left for Iraq was broken. He also got a toy for our DD. When we were home at last our dear friend called him if we are up for a late dinner. They haven't seen each other yet since he got back from Iraq so we headed out again for dinner at a Chinese buffet. The restaurant closes at 10pm and we were among the last people there. I got really exhausted when we got home afterwards.

Looking back to what we did yesterday, t'was really very hectic :-) This wrapped up our weekend whereabouts :-)

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