Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Personalize Google

I am very envious at times of web sites that I see very artistically made or has a lot of blings and blinks, like the digital scrapbooking and other digital works that they display in their site. I see more web site owners now that really love customizing their sites. I believe personalization is the in thing nowadays. I was thinking also of doing some personalize works in my blogs as well as in my computer desktop. I was looking for ways that I can customize my web page even putting a search tool bar so I can maximize its usage. I found Personalize Google at which I found very interesting.

Groovle is where you can make a Personalize Google. This is why it is known also as a groovy google since you can personalize a search page by uploading a photo of your choice. I can use it to customize my web page and google search page as well. I checked their website and they have different images that you can use. Categories include nature, sports, celebrities, animals, planets, and many others. If you prefer your own picture you can also do the same. Now I know what I can use if ever I will pimped up my site and my search page. You can also try it now and give your site a different appeal.

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