Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rest Areas

I am very thankful that rest areas are available when you travel by land here in the US. I can't imagine if there is none and having a long drive just like what we did when we moved from Georgia coming here in Washington State.

During our vacation we drove from here to Travis AFB in California to take a MAC flight going to Hawaii. Since it was a long drive we stopped by rest stops. This picture on the sides is the first rest stop that we stopped by in California. I am impressed that some of these rest stops are really clean and has a nice view. This is why I also like to take pictures of it when we are stopping. Hubby was making fun of me when I take pictures at rest stops but he can't do anything about it since he will be my subject also most of the times just like this picture below :-)

One of the rest stops in Oregon

I have my share of posing too but used the scenic view as my back drop when we stopped at this rest stop.

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Raquel said...

Mads, akong gi enlarge ang pix, asa man ang patot ni Shiloh? Btw, thank you for sharing the pix, father and daughter are so sweet.

mom811 said...

this blog reminds me of the rest areas/stops in some parts (the outskirts) of Czech Republic and in Finland :)...not here "yet" in our dear Philippines? or if in some parts we have, i've not noticed it.

thanks for advertising in great ordinary happenings...God bless you! :)

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