Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Travel Glitches

On our way home we encountered some glitches on our drive. Hubby asked me that day if I wanted to stay one more day in Fairfield, California or not. I told him that I'd rather go home since I am tired of staying in a hotel already. So we left Travis AFB after lunch. We expect to be home at midnight Saturday. While we passed by Vacaville town I noticed the truck is vibrating or shaking and the AC is not working good. I told hubby that we need to stop by and check it out.

We stopped and he took out the book to Troubleshoot. I read it and if the vehicle is shaking it could be the wheels need alignment or not properly tightened or the shock absorber. With regards to the AC it may be the ac compressor. We continue to drive hoping there is a service station at the exits. When there was no hint of having one we decided to go back our way. As we went back I heard a swooshing sound and I told hubby it must be our wheels.

True enough our rear tire left side was busted. Good thing he was driving slowly so no untoward incident happen. We stopped by on the road side and hubby change tire. We have to get off the truck and it was very hot since there was no trees or even shrubs along the way. It looks like we are in the desert. I was glad we have the big umbrella that I used to shield me and our DD from the blazing sun. After hubby changed the tires we drove to the town and luckily found a place to have the truck checked up and we bought a brand new tire to replace the other one as well have a spare. We ended up staying another night in California and decided to drive back home early in the morning.

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