Sunday, July 20, 2008

Travel Set Back

We are trying to save for this summer vacation that we have going to Hawaii and I did not expect we will have some set backs. As I have said that we are going on a Space A travel which is a benefit for all service members and retirees alike to fly free in the military plane. We used the same too the last time we went to Hawaii and we did not encounter any glitch whatsoever. This time we waited to be picked up and it runs for almost a week now. Good thing hubby have the whole month off so we are not pressured by time. Our last day to wait will be tomorrow and if we can't be on that flight which accordingly has 73 seats then we will just head home and maybe have a Hawaiian vacation next time. We will just consider this vacation as our California getaway since we were able to go to San Francisco and check out some of its tourist attractions.

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