Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back to School Must-have

It's back to school again and for sure our students are very eager and excited to be in class. I remember every time school starts I am so excited to have back to school shopping. Although my parents don't buy as a lot of clothes but they will buy us school supplies, books, and other arts supply. When I was in high school I was glad that we wear uniform. It helps since I wore my uniform from first year until fourth year. I only have it altered a little bit to fit me every school year. I love going to school because I love doing school activities and be with my close friends too. I was a band member too and I love to play in the school band.

Another most exciting part of being at school is having your school things. I remember that I do have a lot of art supplies before that I cannot track anymore because I don't properly label it. I wish I was able to have these Dymo Color labels it would have been easy for me to sort my things and avoid losing it. When in school with a lot of students sometimes it's hard for you to always track where your things are especially if someone wants to borrow it. Now I know what I should get to label school and office supplies. The Color labels will make things very visible and different from the rest.

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