Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Best Swimming Relay of All Times in Olympics

I was watching the the 4x100 meter freestyle relay men division of the Olympics and boy I agree that it was the best relay ever I've seen. The USA team won the gold medal and setting a new world record. The France team whom is considered are the fastest freestyle swimmer was beaten by the USA by only a fraction of a second. The hero of the relay is Jason Lezak, the team captain of the relay and who raced the last against Alain Bernard of France. The team France was leading the race but Lezak was able to pull through taking the lead of 46.06 which is a new world record. With this winning Michael Phelps got his 8th Olympic gold. Thanks to his teammate Lezak his quest for the 10th gold is seemingly near and his hope is kept alive. Kudos to team USA.

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