Saturday, August 9, 2008

Credit Cards and Newborns

When we got married we already plan of having a family right away. We plan of having a child on our first year but the blessing did not come until after almost three years of being married. We were very ecstatic and anxiously waiting for our little one to be in our arms. While waiting for us to conceive we already know that our life would be different and even we prepare for the arrival of family addition, still it seems like our preparation is not enough. There are so much to consider. Our expenses went up and as we promised that we should not use our credit card but some situations calls for it. Although I made sure that having credit cards and newborns will not affect us in our quest to maintain a good credit score.

I read this article about how to maintain your good credit at and it is really very enlightening. They offer services also to those who want to check their credit score. I read on their site some valuable insights. Like before we plan for having another addition to our family we should consider many things. If we want to give our future kids good life we have to be prepared. There should be a plan and most of all we should be prepared, emotionally and financially. I can say that in my experience I have some things that I should not be doing but I did and I am hoping I will be able to correct it when time comes that we will have another child

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