Sunday, August 17, 2008


As always hubby made an impromptu escapade. After lunch he told me that we are going out for a drive. First we have to drop off some stuff that we don't need anymore to donate it to Goodwill then we will drive somewhere. So after I gave our DD her lunch we prepared to go out. We dropped off at Goodwill our bathroom metal rack organizer, coffee table, laundry rack, and two shoe racks. All are still in great conditions. There was a line at the drop off point so we waited a little bit. The bathroom rack sticks out of the truck and one lady who is also dropping off some stuff at Goodwill saw the rack and she asked us if we are going to donate it. Hubby said yes and then she asked if she can have it instead so we gave it to her. It was still very nice and no scratch at all but we just don't have the space to put it. The lady was very grateful and we're glad that we had it out of the way and it found somebody that will use it. This is our third time dropping off stuffs at Goodwill.

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Patricia Rockwell said...

We have had similar things occur. We once left several book shelves on our curb for the recyclers and within ten minutes, they had been snatched up by people driving by.

BK said...

It good to actually give away things we don't need and let others find better use in them. It recycles and helps our planet. Great deed! :)

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