Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Lucky 8 for Michael Phelps

The Beijing Olympics kicked off on 8:08:08 [August 8, 2008] at 8am and Michael Phelps got the historic 8th medal in Beijing making him the greatest Olympian. He is such an amazing swimmer and remain humble throughout crediting his teammates in reaching his goals. What makes him more great in his sport is that he can swim all the strokes and compete for each. He don't only specialize one stroke but four. He made 7 world record and 1 Olympic record, really a history in the making in the event of swimming and the Olympics as well. He is a brilliant swimmer indeed.

The funny thing is that I was really thinking that NBC will show it live from Beijing but hubby ruin the suspense when he told me that it was already done because he saw it on Yahoo. It does sucks! We are in the West Coast and we are 3 hours behind East Coast. They should play it earlier or not saying its LIVE when it is NOT. Oh well, I was still waiting for it and watch the great swimming relay that MP got his 8th! Congratulations to the Swimming Team USA!

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