Friday, August 29, 2008

Pose inside SPSCC

As I've said in my previous post that we went to one of the community college here in our place. Hubby said that they made a lot of improvements in the campus compared to 10 years ago when he first set foot in this community college. The campus is surrounded with a lot of trees and greens. It is very cool because it is shaded. We were walking around after our walk in appointment at the enrollment services. Of course when you walk around the new place picture taking is not to be forgotten, hence the poses above :-)

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Raquel said...

Mads, unsay daku gud imong bukton. Ka gamay ra nimo ah. Lain pod ato mads, nag inquire na mo diha sa imong schooling?

Imelda said...

Is it cheap to enroll in there? can somebody with a tourist visa enroll for 6 months in there?

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