Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sea Fair and DMV Appointment

There is sea fair today in Seattle and yesterday we are thinking of going. Unfortunately we woke up late and I have to go back to the DMV to have my driver's license changed from Georgia to Washington. We went there yesterday but we forgot to bring proof of residence so I decided to come in today since they are open Saturdays. We got there around noon time and had my license changed. I have now the temporary one and have to wait for up 2o days for the actual license from the mail. I am glad that it is already taken cared of.

Back to Seafair, I know it is gonna be fun and the Blue Angels have an air show for two days starting today and culminates tomorrow. I really love to go there but tomorrow will be church day and hubby has to go to church early since he signed up for membership at the church and there is a short orientation for new members. I guess I have to wait next year for it since I heard that they always have air show every year.

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