Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am watching right now the live telecast of the Olympic games and the game is volleyball USA versus Venezuela. USA won the first two sets. In the 3rd and 4th set Venezuela caught up and they came back strong. They will be playing the tie breaker 5th set. USA team should be more precise and avoid faults so they will win the game. Venezuelan are doing great in their play. They are on fire and communicates in their every move. This is the last set and I hope USA wins. I like volleyball that is why I am still up right now watching it :-)

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JeFf &NoVa said...

oh i do love volleyball too, when i was in HS i was one of the player and then quit and started to played badminton..

i haven't no idea what channel will be the olympics, asa ba ka nagatanaw bless?

by the way, duna koy tag nimo if you have time please check it here:

happy weekend...

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