Friday, August 15, 2008

Women's All Around in Olympics 2008

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is swept by the USA gymnasts. Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson won the gold and silver medal of the Olympics respectively and the Chinese contender with the bronze. They have shown their best in the last routine beating the Chinese contender who was leading on the 1st and 2nd routine. Nastia Liukin is the daughter of Valerie Liukin who was an all around silver medalist in the Seoul Olympics competing for the Soviet Union 20 years ago. Now his daughter got the gold and I am very sure that he is a very proud father. Shawn Johnson on the other hand is really an amazing athlete. Amidst being such a young girl of 16 she is very precise performer and the last routine was superbly executed which put her to get the silver after her friend Nastia. They are both wonderful and talented young ladies.

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BK said...

I happened to see Nastia Liukin's performance on the floor routine and I must say she was certainly remarkable! she executed the routine so confidently and with so much grace and beauty. It was a pleasure watching her in the competition. Shawn Johnson was great too. Young but very focus and confident.

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