Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking for Appetizer Recipe?

When we eat out we order appetizers. Sometimes I will be full already with the appetizers we order and we will end up taking home the left-over entrees. Since I am into cooking these days I look for appetizer recipes online. I usually go to myrecipes.com and copy recipes that I love to make. They have wide selection that ranges from simple to gourmet ones. I found this savory little frittatas that can be prepared and store up to a month to use. I will try to make this one of these days. It is easy to make and the ingredients are available in any supermarket.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Med. Coding and Billing Class

As I have been mentioning here that I went back to school and last Saturday was my four hour class. I am now in the Medical Coding and Billing Program. Hopefully, if everything go well I will be done in winter quarter. Our Saturday class is Medical Coding and Billing 1. It introduces about health care and how the medical office operates.

It is very interesting and I get to learn the health care situation here in the US. I really don't have any idea how it works since I am only here for almost four years. There is a great difference, of course, with the health care situation in the Philippines. I am looking forward for our every class because I know I still have a lot to discover and learn about the health care here in the US including its controversies :-)

Canadian Web Hosting

As I was searching on the internet for different web hosting companies I came across Canadian Web Hosting. This is a Canadian web hosting company that is based in Vancouver, Canada that offers dedicated hosting to those who want to own web sites. They have been in the business since 1998 and offering reliable hosting services to those who want one. Their offering of cheap hosting is unbeatable because you get a lot for your money. Their customers attested to their being professional in dealing with clients and offer the best services in hosting service.

One of my blog was being cut off by one of the blog advertising services that I work with. I am thinking that I am going to transfer this site to another hosting company and maximize my use of it. Looking at the dedicated hosting offered by this Canadian web hosting company I am thinking of transferring it. They offer free website transfer so that is a good deal. They don't have any hidden fees and costs and they don't require putting banners on your site. They also offer other services such as site builder and SEO. Now I am hoping that I will be able to come up with a decision on this web hosting transfer so I can jump start my web site.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's getting cold

(Photo grabbed at Photobucket)
Last night while I was waiting for my husband and daughter to pick me up I was at the shed near the bus stop. I did not really wear a thick jacket and the coldness of the night is searing to my bones. Hubby did not came until 20 minutes later. It was a nice night but very cold. When I checked the forecast online it was said that we have to experience more cold nights and rainy days before we see the sun again. Even the mountain sides are now experiencing snowing. There are roads being closed because of snow. So I expect we will have a terrible winter later on.

Fall Shoes

Since its already fall I need to put away my flip flops and take out my fall and winter shoes. I will need it because I am going to school and will be out of the house most of the time. I am also looking at buying a new boots. I saw this Asgi shoes at footwearetc.com and I feel in love with it. It's a black leather bootie. It is perfect for fall and winter that keeps your feet warm. I was looking at fashion shows and magazines and the fall fashion right now is into plaide and the preppy look is back. This bootie is also perfect for this season's fashion. I would love to own it. Check out this picture beloe of the Asagi Taho Bootie. Isn't it gorgeous?

First Day of School

Yesterday evening was my first day in school. My time is 6:00pm to 7:50pm and my class is Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics. I have to wait for my husband from work so he can drop me off and he will be tending to our DD. There will be times that I will drive to the college when he get home from work. But since he got off early so he was able to pick me up.

I got to my classroom early and there were at least 10 people in there. Then our male instructor came in. When the clock stroked at 6pm he then started the class. He is nice and my first impression is that he is a cool instructor and approachable. I think our class is going to be excited because most of the time we will have discussion. Last night we tackled the first chapter of the book, introduction to laws, ethics and bioethics and we have a pretty good class interaction.

Our instructor told us that we expect to have some heated debate that will make some of us uncomfortable with the varied ethical issues in medical field. I am looking forward to our classes and also learn more about the health care issues here in America.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going up the hill

At the Heritage Park in downtown Olympia you can find a trail going up the hill side to the state capitol building. When we passed by it hubby decided to go up the trail. So we did. The pictures above are the trail going up and I also took pictures of the lake view while we were up there. It is a good trail for walking. I saw a lot of joggers and walkers going up and down the trail. It's a shame we only knew it late. It will be cold to walk there this fall and winter.

How do you invest?

With the messy status of our economy right now, the question is how do you invest? Do you think it is still safe to invest in trading and stock buying? I know there is still hope with what is going on right now. I heard from experts that you need to always watch what you are investing. I know most people do online trading and prefer it that way for convenience. It is only advised to always watch out for your investment and do your research before buying and trading. Make sure you are investing on a low risk investment to make sure of a return.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Breakfast: Veggie Omelet

Yesterday morning while I was thinking what to make for breakfast it came to my mind the vegetable omelet that my friend Raquel made for her family at breakfast. Since I have all the needed ingredients so I tried it. While preparing it I was also talking to my friend on the phone and she instructed me step by step how to cook it. It was my first time to prepare it the egg was somewhat burnt and turned into brownish but it still tasted good. I wasn't able to take a picture of it since my camera was nowhere to be found. But this morning I made it again and this time I did it right and it looks nice as much as it tasted good. Hubby asked me how did I flip it over not messing it up :-) Well I just flipped it slowly using a flat spatula. It is not really hard to make after all :-) I will be cooking this more often now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love good sale

I am not a patient person when it comes to shopping. I don't spend hours and hours in a store unless I really have to. Most of the times if I see that the particular store don't have a sale then I will not bother going inside. My husband was telling me that I am so picky but it is only because I don't want to spend too much on something that I know will be on sale the next couple of days. Like at this time, we have a plan of buying fall stuffs since a lot of stores are having sale. I will also buy summer clothes that I will be able to send to my nieces and nephews in the Philippines since clothing stores are having end of summer sale. It does pay to wait on sale day to buy things that I can't afford to buy when they are first out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Love to Cook

Honestly speaking I envy Moms and wives who can do wonders in the kitchen. I am not a good cook only a trying hard one. But lately I am beginning to enjoy cooking again. When I first came here I told my husband that I wanted to learn how to bake, cook good food, make pastries, salads and more. There are times that I love to do something in the kitchen and there are times that I don't.

Lately, I find myself making an effort again to cook. The one that I recently tried to make was the meatloaf. The first time I made it was a success. I know for sure though that it still can be improved but my husband said that it is very good. As comforting as the one he had back in the south. Since I already know how to cook it, became a staple in the house especially when I am up to cooking a fast recipe.

I am very glad that I can just surf online and look for recipe. I am also glad that there are bloggers as well that shares their recipes online. I have a few that I bookmarked already and will try if opportunity permits one day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amazing Rides

If you think about fairs you can expect amazing rides, shows, concerts, games, and a lot more fun activities for everyone. When we went to the fair last weekend I was thinking of trying out one of the rides. I was also hoping we can let our DD have her first merry-go-round ride. Unfortunately all the rides had a long line. If we wait it will take most of our time from going around. So I told hubby to pass for the rides and maybe when our DD is a little bit older then we can hop on any rides even if it takes us to wait.

What we did was go around and see different exhibits, short shows, and buy finger foods while doing so. I only took photos of the different rides since I can't ride on it :-) I hope next time I will be able to. It will be a great experience if we can all do it together as family.

Friday, September 12, 2008

High Cost of Organic Products

I am trying to feed my family, if possible, with organic products. When we go grocery shopping I get organic products especially the ones that we give to our daughter. We wanted to give our family the safest food but it also has an expensive cost to it. We are stretching our budget just to provide what our family needs. Sometimes I am thinking of just buying the usual groceries that we get before but then my mind is nagging me on the effect of those foods that are not organic not only to us but more so to our child. I know there are more advantage than the disadvantage of using organic products so even if its a bit expensive I am opting on it and just look for some means of getting good deals, such as coupons/savings, to use when we go grocery shopping.

Futures Broker

If you are into investing, trading in foreign exchange and you want you can check out transworldfutures.com. You can find a lot of interesting and sound investment through them. They have futures broker that are very friendly and handles clients professionally. Even if you are novice or experienced in this business they are very much welcome to help you. There is lots of information as well that they offer like the trader tools and the likes. So if you wanted to venture into investing and trading check transworldfutures.com now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sending Money to Philippines

Most Filipinos that lives here in the US are still sending something back to their family in the Philippines. It may be goods in the balikbayan box or money. Before I always use Western Union to send money to Philippines because my husband trusted it. But the fee is high that I was searching for other ways. Then a good friend was suggesting to go to Filipino store and ask if they have any money remittance service. Back in Georgia I was able to send money through Uniteller, through Filipino store, which I only pay $7 for $100.

When we got here in Washington I thought I have to go back to Western Union again because I don't know if there is such a service here. Then I knew there is LBC where I send balikbayan boxes and also money. I am apprehensive though since I haven't tried it yet. Then another friend told me to check out eMoneygram online. I am glad she did because I am using it now to send money to my family. I can do it anytime online and I will only call my Mom or sister to pick it up. I pay $14 for $100. It is lesser than Western Union but higher than the one I used back in Georgia. So far I did not have any problem with it. But if I can find another means to send money with lesser fee that would be very great.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Web Hosting Rating

I have many discoveries when I started blogging. The first time I blog was in 2005 and it was hosted free. Being a newbie in the internet world, I have hard time understanding about how it works and what you should do to make your own site. I am so confused with the web lingo like html, cPanel, domain names, and others. A friend of mine suggested that I have to read different articles of web hosting tutorials and making your own web site so at least I will have knowledge about it. I also realize that if I know these things and have my own domain I can maximize the potential of my site or blog because I already have information on it.

One of my plans to learn more about the web is to move my sites to another host. I am still researching on the different web hosts as well as trying to learn about cPanel. I saw this web site, web hosting rating, at webhostingrating.com wherein they have extensive information about web hosts. They have different articles that are very helpful when you are a newbie in making web sites. This is a new hosting rating site that I like to visit because of the different information that I get when it comes to web hosting.

This site also gives out the different costumer rating of the top web hosting companies there is. The rating is given by the satisfied customers that use the hosting company. Costumer like me who is looking for a good web host will look into the rating of a hosting provider. This is one of things that I learned when looking for a good web hosting provider. You can't go wrong if you use web hosting rating because they will provide you the best web hosting provider. They feature the web hosting awards in every category which is very helpful in the selection as well. So if you need web host visit web hosting rating and you will know a lot more before you choose the one.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Award: BFF Gold Card

It's amazing how you can connect with other people here in the internet. Most of my friends from all over the world I met through here and it's heart warming that even though you don't see them in person but you can connect to them and then you will know their lives as well as they know yours by reading through their blog updates. This is why I treasured them and I am grateful for it. Just like this award given to me by Claire. It is really unexpected and I am thankful for her for the recognition.

I know I have to extend and share this award to friends and new acquaintances but I will do it later along with my other awards.

Dress Up at Rissy Roo's

Sometimes I find very hard to shop for dresses for special occasion such as cocktail parties, weddings, evening affair that needs evening gowns and the likes. It's either I cannot find something to fit me because of small selection or I can't find the exact style I am looking for. I am glad to know that you can find a wide selection of dresses for all occasion at Rissy Roo's. They have new arrival for prom dresses 2009 that high schools can check out with selection of designer shoes to match it as well. They also carry wide array of plus size formal dresses that you cannot usually find in regular department stores. Surely I will check them out once I need dresses for whatever occasion I will go to.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Distance

My cellphone had the international calling feature which my husband subscribed to in order for me to call my family back in the Philippines easily. There are months that we pay too much with our bill especially if I keep calling. Last month I did not call too much so we did not have pay much. The most that we paid in our bill though is $200+. It is really too much for me but my relatives are too far that we only have phone to communicate or internet. The past three days I had been calling my sister and my parents back home and I expect our bill will be a bit high than the previous month. For me it is still worth it since I get to talk to them. I guess this is one of the sacrifices that we have to do if we have long distance connection with our relatives and love ones.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Need to Send Out the Boxes

Last weekend we went to the LBC office to get another balikbayan box because I am cleaning out our daughter's closet and I will send it to the Philippines for my relatives kids. Now hubby was telling me that I need to send out these boxes here because he is tired of looking at it already. The other night our DD was running around and playing peek-a-boo with me. She was holding her little blankie when she put it on her head blocking her sight while running. She did not see the box and she bumped into it. She fell butt first. It was a funny sight but I suppressed my smile because she was embarassed and cried. Poor baby Mommy and Daddy was laughing at her.

Speak with a Brand Guru

Having a business would entail a lot of work. Aside from having a feasibility study before putting up the business, you also need to plan and design its marketing strategy. To make sure that your products, services or merchandise to reach to its target market you need to speak to a brand guru or an advertising agent for that matter. An Advertising Agency like the Brand Identity Guru is where you need to go to plan this marketing strategy. They have the ability to build up your business for success. They are the experts when it comes to branding and making sure that the brand you give to your business would click in the market.

The business sphere right now is shaky and if you are a new in the business world you need to keep up with the competition. This is where the Brand Identity Guru comes in. Their expertise will make sure to give your products its space in the vast and diverse market. They give their clients' products its own identity that will stand out from the rest of the competitors. They go through market analysis, research and study to determine what the consumers need and they will give your product the best brand image to cater to these consumers needs. So if you want to get ahead with your business hire an Advertising Agency like Brand Identity Guru to establish brand image for your products.

Serenity Prayer

I am always grateful that there are people who are praying for me and for my family like Ate Cely. She forwarded me this very touching prayer. We always need prayers to live by every day of our lives. Prayers can move mountains and prayers keep family together. Thanks ate Cel for always praying for us. I appreciate it very much.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricanes in September

I am glad that hurricane Gustav left the gulf coast and did not deliver its predicted wrath. Although it still left catastrophic disaster but thank God lives of people were being spared. Gustav may have left but there are still 3 coming. I am praying that this hurricanes will not worsen the situation of the affected areas in the south. I read on the report that Hanna left 38 dead in Haiti and is brewing its strength in the Atlantic. After Hanna is Josephine which also followed the same path as the three before her. This is a natural calamity and the only thing we can do about it is for the people to be prepared. I saw the flooding and destruction of Gustav in New Orleans it is very devastating. I admired those that live there because they didn't lose hope but love their city the more.

Exchanging Links

I know I am slacking in exchanging links nowadays. I have a lot of links to add in my blogroll but I am always caught up with something to do. I know there are those that already added me in their blogroll and complained that I haven't added them yet but don't you worry I will add you as soon as I can. The only thing though that I don't like are those that will say they already added me up and then when I check out I wasn't added. And there are those that will leave a message that is threat-like to delete your link if they're not on your blogroll. Honestly I don't care :-) If it happen to me no harm done and I will still keep your link in my blogroll even if you deleted me :-) To those that asked for link exchange, I will make time to add all of you. I am in the process of cleaning up my side bar and probably change template that is why I am taking my time. Thanks for those that leave their messages here. I appreciate it very much. Enjoy blogging guys!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Phantom

This month until October the Phantom of the Opera will be playing in Seattle. Hubby said that he don't mind watching it since it has been ages that he saw an opera. I already watched it while I was in UK with my cousin. We went to London along with other Filipino nurses that she works with. It was my first time and it was really an amazing experience. I love the show and I can't stop reliving that experience in my mind all the time. If given a chance I will watch it again as well as other theater plays and Broadway musicals. I am also hoping that in the future when our DD can already appreciate it we can make it as one of the family's bonding getaway. Maybe once or twice in a year if permitted.

Friends Reconnect

My Mom told me that the daughter of our neighbor, who was also my uniform tailor back in the Philippines, is already here in the US. So I asked my Mom to asked her for her daughter's number here in the US so I can call her. But my Mom always forget. While I was browsing through friendster, a social network, I saw my co-worker's page and she is already here in the US. In her pictures I saw this one lady with a caption that she is from my place. I got curious so I requested her to add me in her list.

When I checked back my profile she already added me and left a message with her phone number. That young lady was our neighbor's daughter. I called her yesterday and we talked for more than an hour. I am glad I was able to trace her. I can't believe that it was her because all along I thought it was the older sister who was in college when I left that is here. She was still in high school then. I was really shocked but glad that she is doing okay. How amazing a social network can bring.

House Hunting Tip

One of the things I like when we go for house viewing is seeing beautiful home accessories. Often times I fall for its kitchen design especially its bar sinks, cabinetry, the faucets, the position of the appliances, and other accessories I can see in the room. Most of all I like comparing its functionality not only the kitchen but also the other parts of the rooms. I learned through one of the tips at HGTV that when you choose for a house you have to make sure that you look at the house without the decorations or accessories in it and picture the house with your own things so that you will know that it is what you need. Most of the model homes are staged with beautiful accessories and when you buy the house those decors does not come with it. So if you buy a house make sure that you buy it because it is the house you need and like for your family.

Filipino Soap Opera

For all my Filipina friends living abroad, do you still watch Filipino soap operas? Like the ABS-CBN teleseryes which are really very interesting. It is my daily dose since I don't go out much anyways. The line up every weekdaus would be Wowowee, Dyosa, My Girl, Ligaw na Bulaklak and the Iisa Pa Lamang. I am enjoying watching it and if not for these shows our television will not be on unless hubby is around and also if it's time for local news already. I am not a tv person unless it is something that interest me then I will root for it. Watching TFC also reconnects me with my home place in the Philippines.

Grohe Faucets

Are you going to renovate your bathroom or kitchen and you are in need of faucets? You can check out faucet.com and see their different faucets that will give flare to your house. They have this Grohe faucets that is very modern and has clean lines perfect for a modern kitchen or bathroom design. You can either choose a pull out design or just a simple traditional one. Their faucets also is made up of quality materials thus it guarantees a lifetime use. So if you need one you can check them out and avail of their beautiful faucets at a reasonable price.

Financial Aid and Grants

When I first enrolled here in the US hubby told me that I can apply for financial aid or grants to pay for my schooling. I was very lucky when we were in Georgia because there is what they call Hope Grant that help Georgians to pay for college. One of the requirements include being a legal resident in Georgia. Since my husband is in the military his dependents can also avail of the said grant. So that is what I had back there when I continue to take classes in health care. My program then was Medical Coding and Billing but I tool classes that will be credited when I pursue Nursing. It paid for my tuition and a $100 for books every quarter. It really help a lot considering the high tuition cost. Now that we are here in Washington I am looking also in applying for grants that will help me pay for my tuition so I can finish my program and find a good job.
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