Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Financial Aid and Grants

When I first enrolled here in the US hubby told me that I can apply for financial aid or grants to pay for my schooling. I was very lucky when we were in Georgia because there is what they call Hope Grant that help Georgians to pay for college. One of the requirements include being a legal resident in Georgia. Since my husband is in the military his dependents can also avail of the said grant. So that is what I had back there when I continue to take classes in health care. My program then was Medical Coding and Billing but I tool classes that will be credited when I pursue Nursing. It paid for my tuition and a $100 for books every quarter. It really help a lot considering the high tuition cost. Now that we are here in Washington I am looking also in applying for grants that will help me pay for my tuition so I can finish my program and find a good job.

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