Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Friends Reconnect

My Mom told me that the daughter of our neighbor, who was also my uniform tailor back in the Philippines, is already here in the US. So I asked my Mom to asked her for her daughter's number here in the US so I can call her. But my Mom always forget. While I was browsing through friendster, a social network, I saw my co-worker's page and she is already here in the US. In her pictures I saw this one lady with a caption that she is from my place. I got curious so I requested her to add me in her list.

When I checked back my profile she already added me and left a message with her phone number. That young lady was our neighbor's daughter. I called her yesterday and we talked for more than an hour. I am glad I was able to trace her. I can't believe that it was her because all along I thought it was the older sister who was in college when I left that is here. She was still in high school then. I was really shocked but glad that she is doing okay. How amazing a social network can bring.

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