Friday, September 12, 2008

High Cost of Organic Products

I am trying to feed my family, if possible, with organic products. When we go grocery shopping I get organic products especially the ones that we give to our daughter. We wanted to give our family the safest food but it also has an expensive cost to it. We are stretching our budget just to provide what our family needs. Sometimes I am thinking of just buying the usual groceries that we get before but then my mind is nagging me on the effect of those foods that are not organic not only to us but more so to our child. I know there are more advantage than the disadvantage of using organic products so even if its a bit expensive I am opting on it and just look for some means of getting good deals, such as coupons/savings, to use when we go grocery shopping.

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Marie said...

I also have noticed that organic products are generally more expensive. I acknowledge the benefits of these products, but wouldn't it be great if organic food was more widely accessible, in this way pricing would be more competitive?

If you have your own backyard, growing your own fruit and vegetables is also an option.

RoSeLLe said...

It so sad that nowadays, its so expensive to eat healthy :(

hitesh rawat said...

i don't know about organic food...i just wanna say that i looks like you have worked really hard for the page....

i would like to exchange links with you...if you too want to

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