Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's getting cold

(Photo grabbed at Photobucket)
Last night while I was waiting for my husband and daughter to pick me up I was at the shed near the bus stop. I did not really wear a thick jacket and the coldness of the night is searing to my bones. Hubby did not came until 20 minutes later. It was a nice night but very cold. When I checked the forecast online it was said that we have to experience more cold nights and rainy days before we see the sun again. Even the mountain sides are now experiencing snowing. There are roads being closed because of snow. So I expect we will have a terrible winter later on.

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Gina said...

Winter is comig already.Have a nice day Miss Bless.

Sabine said...

Hope you feel better at this days, I am missing your posts!
Have a great weekend

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