Monday, September 29, 2008

My Med. Coding and Billing Class

As I have been mentioning here that I went back to school and last Saturday was my four hour class. I am now in the Medical Coding and Billing Program. Hopefully, if everything go well I will be done in winter quarter. Our Saturday class is Medical Coding and Billing 1. It introduces about health care and how the medical office operates.

It is very interesting and I get to learn the health care situation here in the US. I really don't have any idea how it works since I am only here for almost four years. There is a great difference, of course, with the health care situation in the Philippines. I am looking forward for our every class because I know I still have a lot to discover and learn about the health care here in the US including its controversies :-)

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Charlotte said...

You are going to love the classes. They might be a little hard but I am glad I graduated from the school with the certificate in it. :) Good Luck to you!!

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