Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Phantom

This month until October the Phantom of the Opera will be playing in Seattle. Hubby said that he don't mind watching it since it has been ages that he saw an opera. I already watched it while I was in UK with my cousin. We went to London along with other Filipino nurses that she works with. It was my first time and it was really an amazing experience. I love the show and I can't stop reliving that experience in my mind all the time. If given a chance I will watch it again as well as other theater plays and Broadway musicals. I am also hoping that in the future when our DD can already appreciate it we can make it as one of the family's bonding getaway. Maybe once or twice in a year if permitted.

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Maryam said...

Oooohh..I want to watch the Phantom of the Opera!

Goldtone Designs said...

My favorite musical! shhhhh.....don't tell, lol

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