Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sending Money to Philippines

Most Filipinos that lives here in the US are still sending something back to their family in the Philippines. It may be goods in the balikbayan box or money. Before I always use Western Union to send money to Philippines because my husband trusted it. But the fee is high that I was searching for other ways. Then a good friend was suggesting to go to Filipino store and ask if they have any money remittance service. Back in Georgia I was able to send money through Uniteller, through Filipino store, which I only pay $7 for $100.

When we got here in Washington I thought I have to go back to Western Union again because I don't know if there is such a service here. Then I knew there is LBC where I send balikbayan boxes and also money. I am apprehensive though since I haven't tried it yet. Then another friend told me to check out eMoneygram online. I am glad she did because I am using it now to send money to my family. I can do it anytime online and I will only call my Mom or sister to pick it up. I pay $14 for $100. It is lesser than Western Union but higher than the one I used back in Georgia. So far I did not have any problem with it. But if I can find another means to send money with lesser fee that would be very great.

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arlene said...

I always thought western union is the best. thanks for introducing me to emoneygram. anything with lower cost but with same service is acceptable indeed.

got an award for you at my site. go grab it...

Gilbert/ Cely said...

Wow! $14 for every $100? That's expensive. I used to send money thru Wells Fargo before.. It was cheaper but it takes long before they get the money. But the bank is offering International Remittance now... it would be a good idea too. Right now, I am using Western Union but it only cost $12 for $350. I just sent last Friday. Last month, I sent $400 and the service pay was only $12. It is not by hundred. The only good thing is, they get the money right where they are and in just a minute after I send it.

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