Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Web Hosting Rating

I have many discoveries when I started blogging. The first time I blog was in 2005 and it was hosted free. Being a newbie in the internet world, I have hard time understanding about how it works and what you should do to make your own site. I am so confused with the web lingo like html, cPanel, domain names, and others. A friend of mine suggested that I have to read different articles of web hosting tutorials and making your own web site so at least I will have knowledge about it. I also realize that if I know these things and have my own domain I can maximize the potential of my site or blog because I already have information on it.

One of my plans to learn more about the web is to move my sites to another host. I am still researching on the different web hosts as well as trying to learn about cPanel. I saw this web site, web hosting rating, at wherein they have extensive information about web hosts. They have different articles that are very helpful when you are a newbie in making web sites. This is a new hosting rating site that I like to visit because of the different information that I get when it comes to web hosting.

This site also gives out the different costumer rating of the top web hosting companies there is. The rating is given by the satisfied customers that use the hosting company. Costumer like me who is looking for a good web host will look into the rating of a hosting provider. This is one of things that I learned when looking for a good web hosting provider. You can't go wrong if you use web hosting rating because they will provide you the best web hosting provider. They feature the web hosting awards in every category which is very helpful in the selection as well. So if you need web host visit web hosting rating and you will know a lot more before you choose the one.

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