Friday, October 31, 2008

Parking War

I don't know if we will go out for trick or treating since it's raining cats and dogs here :-) It is very cold and I don't feel like going out in this weather. I woke up early again today because our DD had her appointment with her Nutritionist. I drove to the hospital and it's raining. The appointment was around 10:30am and I left the house 9:50am so I will have time to spare in case there is traffic or glitches. I arrived at the hospital parking 20 minutes early. It was very funny because the parking spaces at the side of the hospital where I am going to is limited.

When I got there the parking is already full and there were 7 cars and trucks driving around trying to look for vacant space. You have to be very quick to locate if somebody is going to pull out so you can get the space. I already made a loop 4 times then I spotted someone walking to his truck. I drove slowly until I know where he is parked at. Then I waited with my lights turning to the soon to be vacated space and I saw 2 cars behind me and one oncoming truck also looking for a space. Gladly, I was able to get the space.

It is really ridiculous. I wish they have more spaces there because there are too many people going in and the parking is limited. This is why everytime I go there I always give more time to spare because I know this happens all the time. At least if I have to wait for space I will not be late for the appointment.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acne Help Revealed

When I woke up this morning and saw my face in the mirror I saw a little zit on the bridge of my nose. Now it's getting bigger. It is that time of the month again that I have to deal with pimples that sometimes will turn into acne. I am just glad that it will appear one or two at a time. So here I go again looking online for any acne treatment. I tried some over the counter ointment but it will not totally be gone. I saw this site wherein they feature acne spot treatment that I know can help those who have problem like mine. I have to get treatment for my pimple as soon as possible so it will not get worst.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Feel OK; Tag

Got tagged by Liza.

Here's my inspirational quote:

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
Helen Keller

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I am tagging Recel, Ritchelle, Shiela, Merydith and Darlene.

Bald and Advertising

One of my wishes is to be able to visit other countries in the different continents of the world. I have traveled to a lot of places and every time I visited a place it gives me another level of understanding about the place and the people living in there. Things that really interests me is not only the beautiful place but also seeing and knowing interesting stuff about them. Just like this interesting advertising scheme wherein bald heads will be used instead of billboards :-) Isn't it something?

Yes, very interesting indeed. This advertising method is what they called cranial advertising. A casting call will happen this late October selecting 30 adults with their heads shaved and to be tattooed. This is the marketing campaign plan of Air New Zealand at to promote a life-changing journey to the beautiful country of New Zealand. Those selected will be campaigning in Los Angeles. The picture below is what a cranial ad will look like.


Do you know of somebody who can sport and ad like this? Do you want to become a part of this life-changing campaign? Then check them out. Just remember though that you need to have your hair shaved off. I was telling my husband about it and he said he surely can do it; he's always bald anyway :-)


Beautiful Day

Yesterday the weather was fine but now it is really a beautiful day. After weeks of having showers and dropping temperature we are blessed with sunny day, blue clear skies, and warm autumn weather. I drove on post for my appointment at the education center and I was glad the expressway wasn't that busy. We got there without any glitch although we waited outside the building for almost 20 minutes for our Daddy. He have to be there to watch out our DD. He came before my appointment to which I am so grateful. Now we are back here at home and she is asleep. I will be going out for a walk when she woke up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad News

Yesterday I received a text from my Mom and my sister and both messages have the same tone; please call, it's emergency. If you live far from your family and you received such message your heart pumps wildly and for sure you will scuffled looking for your phone to call immediately. It is what exactly I did. I grabbed my phone and called my Mom. It was around 5 in the morning back in the Philippines and my Mom woke up from my call.

The bad news was, one of my uncles, my Mom's sister's husband passed away. He is 76 years old. They live far from us so we don't see him that much except for special occasions. Despite the distance of each family, we are still very close; as all Filipino families have a very close familial ties. Having a family member to leave us forever is really heart wrenching. I experienced many deaths in the family but everytime it happen the feeling of loss is still very consuming.

So my parents, along with my other sisters and their families will be going to Gingoog where my Aunt and Uncle lives. They will leave Friday night in Philippines. I pray that my Aunt will be okay and will get through this very sad moments.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Sister

I was talking again to my sister this morning and she said that she need to curb her calorie intake because she is getting bigger side wise. She has been married for 3 years now and she is not yet pregnant. They are trying very hard to have a baby because they are not getting any younger as well. She said she is taking a dietpill that so far is effective. She is hoping that when she gets the desired weight she will stop taking the pill but continue her diet and exercise regimen. I agree with her and hoping also that everything will be okay and they will be blessed with a child soon.

On October 21st was her birthday. I called her the day before and greeted her advance happy birthday. I know she is happy now with her husband and I am also happy that despite her not being able to finish her degree, she still landed a good job. She is the one who persistently talk me of going home. My wish for her is to continually believing that she will be blessed with their own bundle of joy, also to achieve all her goals in life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!

Mix Thoughts

My High School-mate

I was watching Wowowe on The Filipino Channel last Monday. On their Willie of Fortune segment the players were dance instructors or ballroom dancers that compete and won either in the Philippines or abroad. The last two players were called and I the other lady look very familiar to me. When she was called by her name then it donned on me that she is my schoolmate in high school. She is a year younger than me. I heard of her ability to dance well but did not realize she made it to the Philippine team of Dance Sport. She danced, with her partner, Jive and I admit that she really dances very well that all the audiences in the studio gave her a standing ovation then shouted for more. They danced Rumba and she dances it so effortlessly. I am proud of her and hope she will be discover more with her talent.

On Day Care

Yesterday I called one of the day care centers here in our area. Actually this DCC is just down the road from where we live. I can walk to go there. I called them because I think it will be good for our DD to have social interaction with other kids. We don't have friends that we can hang out with kids; there's only me and hubby that interacts with her most of the time. I hope I will find this

Funny T-Shirts

Do you like to wear funny t-shirts? If you do, you can check out awesome shirts with hilarious prints at road kill They have a lot of fun and amusing prints to choose from for all sexes. Example of these prints is the one in picture. I remember when I was in college I love wearing vintage shirts with funny prints. I have a colleague that knows how to print t-shirts and he always come up with something. We just have to buy the t-shirt and he will print some famous funny lines in it. So if you are fond of these funny t-shirts, you can check out their site and order yours now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Software Glitch

With my Med 110 class our books comes with a CD for our practice software. I already installed it in our desktop but when I was about to work on it this week for our assignment it will not launch. There's an error. I called the TechSupport and they put me on hold for almost 10min. A representative answered the phone but she is not the technician that can answer my issue. She took my email and my number so a technician can call me back. When I didn't get a call back I emailed my instructor and told her about my problem. I am glad she replied back immediately and told me not to worry because I am not the only one. She told me that she will also contact the publisher of our book and maybe ask for something that we will be able to use. I will try to install it in mine's or hubby's laptop and see if it works.

Monday, October 13, 2008

30 Minutes Late

Of all the things that I dislike is to be late. I thought it won't happen in my class but man oh man it did. Saturday morning is my Medical Insurance Billing and Coding class. Friday night hubby put our DD to sleep so I can finish my assignments. After doing my class assignments I went online and did some task. When our DD woke up and asked for milk I went to bed to feed her. I fall asleep and the next thing I know was hubby jumped off the bed and told me, 'oh honey it's already 8 o'clock'.

Have you been in that situation? I was like, 'oh darn' and hurriedly got up changed and brushed my teeth. Our DD woke up and cried and hubby took care of her. After I finished changing I also put on her jacket, bonnet and gloves because hubby will drop me off at school. It was really very cold that morning. We arrived at the college almost 8:30am. My class will end at 12pm so our instructor told us that she is not really particular with late but if it is really late, late then it's another story.

It was my first time being late for almost half an hour and I don't like the feeling. I know it is cliche but forgot the to turn on the alarm clock. I had my cellphone's alarm clock on but unfortunately I turned it off because our DD was playing with it and wasn't able to turn it back on. I will not do the same mistake again if I can help it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank You! Entrecard is Back

I believe all of the entrecard droppers are thankful that dropping is now smooth sailing again. We experienced two days of serious error everytime we log on to the site. I am glad it was already fixed and we are now back with the usual dropping :-) For all my favorite blogs that I am dropping everyday, I'm sorry for not being able to drop the past days. Now that everything is back I will do my best to get back to all of you.

I am also thanking my template designer, Vhiel, for this beautiful blog makeover. This blog is now a year old. I was hesitant then for a makeover but since this is giving me something so I have decided to have it face lifted. I hope those who visit will enjoy too! Have a great weekend everyone!

Modern Furniture

As I have said that we extend our stay here in our apartment for another six months. Along with our renewal is the management's offer to have our carpet steamed clean. I wish they will steam clean the carpet monthly :-) Anyways, we were talking earlier about getting a new living room set. We are thinking of modern furniture because we are gearing towards modern design when we have our own house one day. Our current set is all worn out already. When the cleaner comes in we are hoping we can have it changed.

Mothering and Studying

I experienced going to school while being pregnant. Yes, when I was pregnant until I gave birth I was in school and working. Now that I am already a mother I am also studying. I can now relate to my classmates before who have small children. One of them told me then that it is very difficult to study when you have a toddler. They are very demanding that it is hard for you to concentrate on your readings. Unless they are asleep then, you can have the silence that you ultimately need to study.

For my class in the morning I have assignments and chapter readings to do. I really wanted to go out but I need to finish everything so I will not cram in the morning. When I started to sit at the table to do my assignments, our DD also started to bother me. I really don't know why she do that; bothering me when I am doing something. So I end up sitting her in my lap while I am answering my assignments. I have to chat with her so she will not pull my books. Her Daddy watched her but she will just run away from him. It is kind of difficult to juggle but it's part of my life now and I have to deal with it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

News from My Hometown

Last night I talked to my Mom. We talked for an hour and 15 minutes. Her cellphone battery ran low so we were cut off. There were many things I asked my Mom since it has been 3 years and 10 months that we haven't seen each other. I am glad that they are okay despite old age :-) My mother is already 73 and my father is 77. I asked her how is our dear barangay and she said it is still the same although there are some deadly issues happening in our community.

My parents have a small farm and my father frequented the farm; everyday he walk there to tend to their cats and dogs and also to check out fallen coconuts. I told my Mom that they should be careful because we don't what could happen. There may be some bad elements there or what not and will do some harm to them. Although they don't have any issues with them but who know what they are thinking.

Even there are issues such as this I heard, I still would not trade our barrio to any other place in the Philippines. We know everybody there. I am missing my family very much and hopefully we can find the right time to go there for vacation.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Very Gloomy Day

I feel so tired the whole day just by looking outside. It is raining cats and dogs and I never, ever see the sun peeking just for a sec. I believe this weather is expected for the whole week. Our highest temperature right now is only in the middle of 50's. At night I believe it will go down to the 30's. Even though I know this type of weather is coming I still feel low and gloomy about it. Listening to the news in this kind of weather can be depressing too that is why I am glad there is PBS for kids that our DD likes. At least watching these kiddie shows is somewhat uplifting rather than hearing different sad stories on the news from the gloomy weather, to crimes and fatal accidents, and even to the nasty election propaganda that made these last days of election campaign seem to go down to the gutter.

CEO Succession

As I watched the news everyday it discusses about the status of big banks and corporate companies on the brink of collapse. There were the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, the Washington Mutual, AIG, and the Wachovia that declares bankruptcy, on sale and being brought by other big companies. The government has this biggest bail out in the history to save the economy from what is called the recession. But there are still other companies that are now struggling to keep its operation running.

I am very curious how these companies who were bankrupt and bought by other companies operates. How the business succession is being carried over by the new investor. I have read an illustration of CEO Succession overview by Dennis C Carey on you tube and I learned how this succession works. He is an executive recruiter that has expertise in choosing good leaders for big companies and corporations. Selection of people to handle such very big companies is not an easy task. A recruiter must know what he is looking for to become an executive officer because the success of the company lies in them. If you are interested you can check out the video too; just click on the name above.

Artificial Intelligence

Early this morning I woke up and turned the tv on. It was around 4am. I was on TNT channel and they are showing the 2001 Steven Spielberg movie Artificial Intelligence. I have seen the movie before but only part of it. Then this morning I've seen most of it towards the end and boy my tears were flowing non stop at the last part where the companion boy robot woke up after many many years and still he asked the blue fairy to make him a real boy.

What really touches me was even if he is a robot his capability to love unconditionally is something else. My heart went out to him when at the end his wish may not have been granted but when the chance to duplicate his then mother Monica was brought out to him he grabbed the chance just to experience again the love of his mother.

Below is a synopsis of the movie:

Sometime in the distant future, after the polar icecaps have melted, major flooding has devastated most major cities. Technology has advanced to the point where people depend for many tasks on robots with highly sophisticated artificial intelligence; including companion robots which replace friends, lovers or children. David is a companion robot programmed to be the loving son of Henry and Monica Swinton, whose own son, Martin, lies comatose and apparently brain dead in a nearby hospital. Just as the Swintons learn to adjust to David and his capacity to love eternally and unconditionally, Martin makes a miraculous recovery and returns home. Soon sibling rivalry makes David a hindrance to the family's unity and he is cast out of the family. Alone with his robotic teddy bear and unable to adjust to a world that has no use for his ability to love, David journeys out into the forests to find a way to become a real boy.

Who Needs Management Consultant?

I was working in the government before and I remember we were hiring independent consultants to assist us in the operation of our office. I know that these consultants have a magnitude of experience and expertise in improving one's company or business operations. They help greatly in designing management strategy to achieve the goals of the organization. They also guide the organization to implement the right guidelines and determine strength and weaknesses of each team member.

If your company is in need of an independent consultant that will help you in improving your management strategies, you can hire Dan Neumeister. He has an extensive background in consulting, especially in medical office management and the likes. He's been responsible in the success of management plan implementation as well increasing revenues of different medical centers here in the US and abroad. If you want to know more about him, check his resume by clicking his name above.

Dropping EC is Addicting

Yeah I think if you are an EC dropper you can relate to what I feel. I have been trying to drop EC really hard and I can say that I even do it religiously than waiting and grabbing for opp. I missed some good opportunities because I was dropping EC :-) I have 5 blogs and 4 of those I monetized and it is really hard to keep up dropping but I am trying as much as I can. There will be times I will not be able to reciprocate everybody but I will do my best to get back to those that dropped on my blogs.

I have bookmarked blogs that I frequented and included in my daily rounds. Couple of weeks of dropping I've seen that some of them do not reciprocate. I didn't mind and I still dropped on them then later I found that most of them dropped back. I can understand that there are those that can not drop back every day religiously and I don't hold any grudge from them because like me they also have priorities. Happy dropping!

Eco-friendly Products

This time most people are gearing towards buying products that can help our environment. Manufacturers are encouraged to as much as possible manufacture products that are eco friendly. I myself is now an advocate of green products. My drive intensified when I know we will have an addition to our family, our daughter. Before, I used already natural products but when we have our daughter I am very particular of where the product came from and what it is made of.

Me and my husband are now, little by little, trying to replace some of our household stuff with eco-friendly products. It is very hard to find certified green household products until I found EcoQuest Intl that offers product that helps save our environment. I was browsing at and saw this steamer, in picture below, that I am looking for. Having this steamer will minimize our usage of our microwave. It has many usages as well that will be helpful in preparing nutritious food for my family. If you want to check out more of its products just visit the site given above.

My Brother's Birthday

I forgot that on October 3 was my brother G's birthday. He is 4 year's older than me. We are very close. In fact I can say that among my brothers and sisters he is the one I am very close with. I can open up anything with him including my disappointments with my other siblings at times. He works as a seaman and I can say been touring around the globe with his job. Last year until now their route is USA and Asia. When we were still in Georgia their route was California and South America, Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Brazil. Now that we are here in Washington they are stopping by in Savannah, Georgia once a month. Last month he called me when they were in Florida but I wasn't able to talk to him. I hope he will call me again so I can greet him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wall Speakers

My husband loves music. He has been suggesting to me to get speakers that he can use to improve the sound system connected to his component. Since I don't have any knowledge on this kind of things I told him to get what he wants as long as we can afford it. Every time we go out he will visit stores where he can get home theater speakers but he did not find anything to his specifications.

Now that he is busy he asked me instead to search online if I can find something great but very affordable. One website I was directed to is the Speaker Company at I am glad I was able to find it since they have discount home theater in wall speakers subwoofer that is what hubby needs. When I showed it to him he got very excited and decided to get these speakers from this online store. If you need speakers this is the place to go. They have a lot of choices and the price is very affordable. Check them now and give your home theater a boost.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


For each of my subject I only go to class once a week; during Tuesdays for Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics, and Saturdays for Medical Coding and Billing 1. Before the classes started I told myself that I have to read my books in advance so I will not cram during exams. Last Saturday our instructor gave us assignments. We have to answer Chapter 1 and 2 of our workbook and submit the Chapter 1 critical thinking.

During the week I procrastinate and last night I started reading but I have to put back our DD to sleep and I went to sleep too. I woke up early and tried answering my workbook but I did not finish even the 1st Chapter. When I got to my class our instructor asked for our critical thinking assignment and I was clueless. When she explained it to us then it popped into my mind. Good thing we had 2 breaks I was able to do the assignment at breaktime and after class I submitted mine. That was close and that is what I get for being a slacker :-)


Have you heard about Fenphedra? I heard that this is a good source to burn fats fast. Accordingly if you want to loss weight this is a good pill to take. But besides its very good review I also learned that this certain fat burning pill contains illegal chemicals. It was being clarified though that it does not. So if you want to loss weight this is a good supplement. Fenphedra is a strong product and they don't recommend it if you can't handle such type of supplement. It is very important though that if you take any supplement you have to ask advice from your physician to avoid any complication.


Since I started blogging in 2005 I met, online, a lot of friends already. I haven't met them in person yet but seemed like I know them forever. I am very glad that until now I still met more and more people; those that pass by my blogs, those that dropped their ECs and also those that passed me assignment, tag or meme to do.

Recently I met Mom811 of the Lighter Side and she is very nice. She told me I can call her Mom just like what her daughters call her and I am very honored for that. It is a nice feeling that you can have somebody you can look up to even if it's only here virtually. I thank her for this meme and most especially the friendship that she offered to me.

As I reciprocate the EC drops I also came across blogs that is hard to forget. I cannot name them all because there are aplenty. I wanted to share this award to them but I have to visit them first one by one so I decided to pass this on next time around.

Sea Coast Property

My sister in law, twin sister of my husband, lives in North Carolina. She is always convincing hubby that if he retire we will live there. I like the area where she live but I am not really sure if I can live there for long. She also said that if we wanted to live near the ocean we can check out sea coast property. She know a lot of contact at Wilmington NC real estate so she can arrange us to see somebody to look for property. My husband on the other hand said that he wanted to settle down here in the west coast but when he retires and get an excellent job offer on that part of the US then we may settle there. For the time being, we have to concentrate on our plan to get a house here in the northwest.

Up so early...

I am up very early because its Saturday and I have a class. Last night hubby put our DD to sleep so I can do my thing. After I took a shower I started reading my notes and book but our DD woke up and did not went back to sleep until almost midnight. Instead of continuing to read I ended up in the computer and opened up She likes watching it and it helps kids to read. She only concentrated until letter K. Afterward she can't stay put anymore so we ended up playing in bed. She likes to go under the blanket and play hide and seek. She gets very demanding too. If I stopped pulling up the blanket she will grab it and do it herself. I am afraid she will be tangled underneath it so I have to do it instead. So now that I am and awake I have to do my chores before I leave for school.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Nieces

[S, K, S, and behind is K]

I saw this picture above at Friendster in one of my nieces' account. I remember when they were still a baby and I once took care of them especially my sister's daughters. Two of them in black top {S} and brown top {S} are sisters and they are my oldest sister's daughter. They are both registered nurses now. The one at the back {K} also a registered nurse and at the center {K}, a nursing grad waiting to take her licensure exam, are my cousins daughters {they are not sisters}. They are of the same generation so they bonded well when they are all in our home place. I am very happy for them because they are on their way to achieving success in life. They are also blessed to have wonderful parents who supports them to achieve their goals. I am praying for K to pass her nursing licensure exam in December.

Top Lawyers Portal

There are times in our lives that we need to seek advice from Lawyers. It may not only because we did something or what but in any legal issues that we have to face. If you are in this predicament and you don't know where to get a good lawyer you can go to This is a portal and national directory where you can search for top lawyers in your area and as well as anywhere in the USA. You can select the state where you are in and see the lists of these lawyers. They also have vast legal information if you are searching for any legal answers on some issues.

The Lawyers you can find at Top Lawyers of varied in any areas of law from aviation, auto accidents, bankruptcy, business, corporate, criminal, divorce, family, personal injury, real estate, and many others. Their objective is to give people easy access to look for legal help. The information you can find at their site really helps people especially those that don't have easy access to attorneys. It can also save time to search through their site before going into an attorney's office. So if you need any legal help, visit and surely you can find answers to it.

News from back home

I talked to my family back in Philippines and I got a little of bad news. My older sister was hospitalized for five days because of on and off fever and she complained of pain on the right side of her abdomen. I am glad that she is okay and she got home yesterday. News about this and you are far from them can really scare me. It is something that I really don't want to hear but we have to face it when it comes. We all love our family and we don't want anything to happen to them. There are instances that can't be avoided and even if it hurts and scary you have to face it. It is my prayer all the time that everybody back home will have good health and safe.
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