Monday, October 13, 2008

30 Minutes Late

Of all the things that I dislike is to be late. I thought it won't happen in my class but man oh man it did. Saturday morning is my Medical Insurance Billing and Coding class. Friday night hubby put our DD to sleep so I can finish my assignments. After doing my class assignments I went online and did some task. When our DD woke up and asked for milk I went to bed to feed her. I fall asleep and the next thing I know was hubby jumped off the bed and told me, 'oh honey it's already 8 o'clock'.

Have you been in that situation? I was like, 'oh darn' and hurriedly got up changed and brushed my teeth. Our DD woke up and cried and hubby took care of her. After I finished changing I also put on her jacket, bonnet and gloves because hubby will drop me off at school. It was really very cold that morning. We arrived at the college almost 8:30am. My class will end at 12pm so our instructor told us that she is not really particular with late but if it is really late, late then it's another story.

It was my first time being late for almost half an hour and I don't like the feeling. I know it is cliche but forgot the to turn on the alarm clock. I had my cellphone's alarm clock on but unfortunately I turned it off because our DD was playing with it and wasn't able to turn it back on. I will not do the same mistake again if I can help it.

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Cant Hardly Wait said...

I know the feeling! I get so panicy! I'm glad your professor wasn't mad!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

i understood precisely, bless! i hate being late too! especially for something that I've prepared myself to it.

Yr instructor didn't give u any extra work for being late, rite? ;)

maria said...

i hate being late too and i feel uncomfortable explaining to people why i was late.

i have something for you...

cheer up!

Shinade said...

I am always late at everything. And I always start early too.

It just never works out right.

So don't feel so bad you're not alone!:-)

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