Monday, October 6, 2008

Artificial Intelligence

Early this morning I woke up and turned the tv on. It was around 4am. I was on TNT channel and they are showing the 2001 Steven Spielberg movie Artificial Intelligence. I have seen the movie before but only part of it. Then this morning I've seen most of it towards the end and boy my tears were flowing non stop at the last part where the companion boy robot woke up after many many years and still he asked the blue fairy to make him a real boy.

What really touches me was even if he is a robot his capability to love unconditionally is something else. My heart went out to him when at the end his wish may not have been granted but when the chance to duplicate his then mother Monica was brought out to him he grabbed the chance just to experience again the love of his mother.

Below is a synopsis of the movie:

Sometime in the distant future, after the polar icecaps have melted, major flooding has devastated most major cities. Technology has advanced to the point where people depend for many tasks on robots with highly sophisticated artificial intelligence; including companion robots which replace friends, lovers or children. David is a companion robot programmed to be the loving son of Henry and Monica Swinton, whose own son, Martin, lies comatose and apparently brain dead in a nearby hospital. Just as the Swintons learn to adjust to David and his capacity to love eternally and unconditionally, Martin makes a miraculous recovery and returns home. Soon sibling rivalry makes David a hindrance to the family's unity and he is cast out of the family. Alone with his robotic teddy bear and unable to adjust to a world that has no use for his ability to love, David journeys out into the forests to find a way to become a real boy.

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