Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad News

Yesterday I received a text from my Mom and my sister and both messages have the same tone; please call, it's emergency. If you live far from your family and you received such message your heart pumps wildly and for sure you will scuffled looking for your phone to call immediately. It is what exactly I did. I grabbed my phone and called my Mom. It was around 5 in the morning back in the Philippines and my Mom woke up from my call.

The bad news was, one of my uncles, my Mom's sister's husband passed away. He is 76 years old. They live far from us so we don't see him that much except for special occasions. Despite the distance of each family, we are still very close; as all Filipino families have a very close familial ties. Having a family member to leave us forever is really heart wrenching. I experienced many deaths in the family but everytime it happen the feeling of loss is still very consuming.

So my parents, along with my other sisters and their families will be going to Gingoog where my Aunt and Uncle lives. They will leave Friday night in Philippines. I pray that my Aunt will be okay and will get through this very sad moments.

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