Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny T-Shirts

Do you like to wear funny t-shirts? If you do, you can check out awesome shirts with hilarious prints at road kill They have a lot of fun and amusing prints to choose from for all sexes. Example of these prints is the one in picture. I remember when I was in college I love wearing vintage shirts with funny prints. I have a colleague that knows how to print t-shirts and he always come up with something. We just have to buy the t-shirt and he will print some famous funny lines in it. So if you are fond of these funny t-shirts, you can check out their site and order yours now.

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spikeyfan said...

I love kuel tees myself. There are several small indy sites that are great places to look at. If you like Road Kill tees, then u probably will enjoy these sites.
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