Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mix Thoughts

My High School-mate

I was watching Wowowe on The Filipino Channel last Monday. On their Willie of Fortune segment the players were dance instructors or ballroom dancers that compete and won either in the Philippines or abroad. The last two players were called and I the other lady look very familiar to me. When she was called by her name then it donned on me that she is my schoolmate in high school. She is a year younger than me. I heard of her ability to dance well but did not realize she made it to the Philippine team of Dance Sport. She danced, with her partner, Jive and I admit that she really dances very well that all the audiences in the studio gave her a standing ovation then shouted for more. They danced Rumba and she dances it so effortlessly. I am proud of her and hope she will be discover more with her talent.

On Day Care

Yesterday I called one of the day care centers here in our area. Actually this DCC is just down the road from where we live. I can walk to go there. I called them because I think it will be good for our DD to have social interaction with other kids. We don't have friends that we can hang out with kids; there's only me and hubby that interacts with her most of the time. I hope I will find this

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