Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mothering and Studying

I experienced going to school while being pregnant. Yes, when I was pregnant until I gave birth I was in school and working. Now that I am already a mother I am also studying. I can now relate to my classmates before who have small children. One of them told me then that it is very difficult to study when you have a toddler. They are very demanding that it is hard for you to concentrate on your readings. Unless they are asleep then, you can have the silence that you ultimately need to study.

For my class in the morning I have assignments and chapter readings to do. I really wanted to go out but I need to finish everything so I will not cram in the morning. When I started to sit at the table to do my assignments, our DD also started to bother me. I really don't know why she do that; bothering me when I am doing something. So I end up sitting her in my lap while I am answering my assignments. I have to chat with her so she will not pull my books. Her Daddy watched her but she will just run away from him. It is kind of difficult to juggle but it's part of my life now and I have to deal with it.

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