Friday, October 10, 2008

News from My Hometown

Last night I talked to my Mom. We talked for an hour and 15 minutes. Her cellphone battery ran low so we were cut off. There were many things I asked my Mom since it has been 3 years and 10 months that we haven't seen each other. I am glad that they are okay despite old age :-) My mother is already 73 and my father is 77. I asked her how is our dear barangay and she said it is still the same although there are some deadly issues happening in our community.

My parents have a small farm and my father frequented the farm; everyday he walk there to tend to their cats and dogs and also to check out fallen coconuts. I told my Mom that they should be careful because we don't what could happen. There may be some bad elements there or what not and will do some harm to them. Although they don't have any issues with them but who know what they are thinking.

Even there are issues such as this I heard, I still would not trade our barrio to any other place in the Philippines. We know everybody there. I am missing my family very much and hopefully we can find the right time to go there for vacation.

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