Friday, October 31, 2008

Parking War

I don't know if we will go out for trick or treating since it's raining cats and dogs here :-) It is very cold and I don't feel like going out in this weather. I woke up early again today because our DD had her appointment with her Nutritionist. I drove to the hospital and it's raining. The appointment was around 10:30am and I left the house 9:50am so I will have time to spare in case there is traffic or glitches. I arrived at the hospital parking 20 minutes early. It was very funny because the parking spaces at the side of the hospital where I am going to is limited.

When I got there the parking is already full and there were 7 cars and trucks driving around trying to look for vacant space. You have to be very quick to locate if somebody is going to pull out so you can get the space. I already made a loop 4 times then I spotted someone walking to his truck. I drove slowly until I know where he is parked at. Then I waited with my lights turning to the soon to be vacated space and I saw 2 cars behind me and one oncoming truck also looking for a space. Gladly, I was able to get the space.

It is really ridiculous. I wish they have more spaces there because there are too many people going in and the parking is limited. This is why everytime I go there I always give more time to spare because I know this happens all the time. At least if I have to wait for space I will not be late for the appointment.

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