Saturday, October 4, 2008


For each of my subject I only go to class once a week; during Tuesdays for Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics, and Saturdays for Medical Coding and Billing 1. Before the classes started I told myself that I have to read my books in advance so I will not cram during exams. Last Saturday our instructor gave us assignments. We have to answer Chapter 1 and 2 of our workbook and submit the Chapter 1 critical thinking.

During the week I procrastinate and last night I started reading but I have to put back our DD to sleep and I went to sleep too. I woke up early and tried answering my workbook but I did not finish even the 1st Chapter. When I got to my class our instructor asked for our critical thinking assignment and I was clueless. When she explained it to us then it popped into my mind. Good thing we had 2 breaks I was able to do the assignment at breaktime and after class I submitted mine. That was close and that is what I get for being a slacker :-)

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Vhiel said...

hey i know what you mean, I been doing a lot of procrastination myself when it comes to reading and studying my anatomy and physiology lectures... and its not really helping me.. i need to push myself some more...

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