Saturday, October 4, 2008

Up so early...

I am up very early because its Saturday and I have a class. Last night hubby put our DD to sleep so I can do my thing. After I took a shower I started reading my notes and book but our DD woke up and did not went back to sleep until almost midnight. Instead of continuing to read I ended up in the computer and opened up She likes watching it and it helps kids to read. She only concentrated until letter K. Afterward she can't stay put anymore so we ended up playing in bed. She likes to go under the blanket and play hide and seek. She gets very demanding too. If I stopped pulling up the blanket she will grab it and do it herself. I am afraid she will be tangled underneath it so I have to do it instead. So now that I am and awake I have to do my chores before I leave for school.

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