Monday, October 6, 2008

Very Gloomy Day

I feel so tired the whole day just by looking outside. It is raining cats and dogs and I never, ever see the sun peeking just for a sec. I believe this weather is expected for the whole week. Our highest temperature right now is only in the middle of 50's. At night I believe it will go down to the 30's. Even though I know this type of weather is coming I still feel low and gloomy about it. Listening to the news in this kind of weather can be depressing too that is why I am glad there is PBS for kids that our DD likes. At least watching these kiddie shows is somewhat uplifting rather than hearing different sad stories on the news from the gloomy weather, to crimes and fatal accidents, and even to the nasty election propaganda that made these last days of election campaign seem to go down to the gutter.

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BK said...

It is a blessing that you are sitting cozily in the house and looking at the cats and dogs outside. Reading your post took me back to a few months ago when the cyclone hit Burma. Over the period, millions lost their home; cold, drenched and hungry in the heavy pouring rain for days, weeks without shelters. Whenever it rains and I am sitting in the house looking at outside, I am grateful that I am safely and cozily at home.

emotera said...

i love the rain...but there are also some rainy days i don't feel like doing anything but sleep. It's nice to see rain once in a while.

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Shinade said...

When I lived in Maine for 10 years I struggled with Seasonal Depression because even though the summers are glorious they are simply too short.

The winters are so long and gloomy. So I do know the feeling.

Now we are back down in Oklahoma and have very mild weather almost all year long.

Now I love rainy days! They are so lazy and relaxing!!

As for the politics I just told my daughter today that I am done discussing.

I have made my mind up and I too am tired of listening to to it.

We are both for the same candidate but she is so obsessed that she too is driving me crazy.

I told her if she didn't stop I wasn't going to vote.

I didn't even bother to watch the debate the other night.

Cheer up as the old saying goes...This too shall pass!!:-)))

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